34 Yellow Living Room Design Ideas


Let’s decorate our homes with this beautiful and happy color. 34 yellow living room design ideas are waiting for you in this gallery. Beautiful examples of yellow decorations from popular interior designers of the world.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.

1Focal Point

Yellow living rooms

In a living room that is mainly decorated in white, a yellow sofa and a patterned yellow rug in the middle can easily be the focal point of the space while adding character to the room.

2Designed by Mary Beth Wagner Interiors

yellow living room by mary beth wagner

3Designed by Greg Natele

Design: Greg Natele

4Accents in Yellow

Yellow living room

In a monochrome modern living room, accents do not have to be monochrome as well. Choosing yellow decor objects like pillows or vases warms the cold atmosphere of the black and white environment.

5Designed by Avalana Design

Design: Avalana

6Designed by Habitat

Design: Habitat

7Contemporary Style

Yellow living room decor

Yellow accents combined with the curves of a contemporary living room will bring warmth and softness to the place while adding to the overall relaxed feeling of the room.

8Designed by Meg Braff

9Designed by Studio Riga

10Yellow Walls

Yellow living room decor ideas

Painting the walls yellow while keeping the other furniture and decor subtle and light in color makes the room feel cozy without making you feel cramped in yellow.

11Designed by Carter & Company

12Designed by Casamance

Fabrics: Casamance

13Stylish Look

Yellow living room decoration

A yellow sofa combined with a stylish armchair along with artworks in complementing colors with a few decor objects scattered around carelessly can turn your yellow living room into an artist’s loft.

14Designed by Katie Rosenfeld & Company

15Designed by Collins Interiors

16Completely Dark

Yellow living room pictures

If you have an all-black living room, yellow accents are the perfect option to bring a bit of life to the space without taking away the personality of the room.

17Designed by Brittany Bromley Interiors

18Designed by Offstage

Design: Offstage Photo: Simone Furiosi

19White Base

Modern yellow living room

A home with a white base can be decorated with many colors, however, yellow is a rare color that can immediately make the room feel homely and inviting without much effort.

20Designed by Corey Damen Jenkins

21Designed by Summer Thornton


Yellow living room design ideas

Putting a yellow couch with clear lines in front of a brick wall is an interesting contrast not only in color but also in style that gives the industrial vibe a fun twist.

23Designed by Andrew Howard

Design: Andrew Howard Photo: Max Kim-Bee

24Designed by Damien Langlois-Meurinne

25Scandinavian with Yellow

Yellow living room ideas

Scandinavian style does not necessarily have to be monochrome. Using yellow curtains and pillows adds a subtle change of air to the room.

26Designed by Casamance

Design: Casamance Fabric: Les Touquetoises

27Designed by O’Hara Interiors

28Yellow Curtains

Yellow living room curtain

Yellow curtains allow you to feel the warmness of the sunlight even more especially in a white-based living room, changing the atmosphere completely by simply changing the light that is shining through.

29Designed by Kristi, The Pickled Rose

30Pastel Colors

Using yellow color in living rooms

If you are a huge fan of using colors in your living space, try to use pastels together in order not to make the room chaotic with bold colors. Pastel blue, grey and pink make a great base together while a pop of yellow brings life to the overall look and helps to blend everything in.

31Warm Tones

Yellow living room photos

We continue to share yellow decor ideas. Incorporating warm tones that complement each other such as yellow and green together against a balancing color like white can make the room feel inviting for get-togethers and game nights.

32Subtle Yellow

Yellow living room design

Painting the walls a subtle and soft yellow color can enrich a traditional living room, making it look warm yet luxurious against classy, neutral-toned furniture.

33Statement Yellow

Yellow living room images

If you are not much of a fan of color, try to use one object with color instead of using lots of accents. In a black and white modern living room, a bright yellow sofa would be a great statement object without spoiling the room’s aesthetic while giving the room the warmness it needs.

34Walls and Floor

Yellow living room examples

Warm yellow walls along with yellowish hardwood floors would make a warm environment against pale tones of the seating set and the other decor items, balancing everything together.