33 White Living Room Designs & Ideas


We chose beautiful white living room designs from popular interior designers. Here are 33 white living room ideas to give you some inspiration. You can visit their instagram pages to contact them.

1. Designed by Lindye Galloway

2. Designed by Rivers Spencer

3. Designed by Kate Marker Interiors

4. White Living Room

White living room interior design

A white living room can easily be enriched with traditional style. Sumptuous and large pieces of furniture is a must while lots of layers on the sofas with pillows and patterns help with the traditional look. Dark wood floors with a large rug is a great way to make it cozy and inviting.

5. Designed by Nina

6. Designed by Caitlin Wilson

7. Designed by Caroline Turner

8. Designed by Jessica Sara Morris

9. Designed by Cortney Bishop Design

10. Designed by Ashley, Modern Glam

11. Designed by Heather Scott Home

12. Designed by BEX Studios

13. Designed by Roman Plyus

14. Designed by Georgia Street Design

15. Designed by Cortney Bishop Design

16. Designed by Nina

17. Designed by Stephanie Shortridge

18. Designed by Ella Scott Design

19. Minimalist White Living Room

Minimalist white living room

You can bring the latest trend, minimalism, to your white living room by using neutral accents and keeping the furniture and decoration simple. The clear lines in the room make it look clutter-free and open.

20. Designed by Stay By Cori Samuel

21. Designed by Mytexashouse

22. Designed by Brooke & Lou

23. Designed by Pure Salt Interiors

24. Designed by Dominique DeLaney

25. White Room Decor

White living room decor ideas

White painted wooden walls and a contrasting fireplace is a good way of incorporating the rustic vibe into a white living room design. You can combine the rustic style with different colors on the sofa and other pieces of decoration to create a farmhouse-look that looks unbelievably comfortable.

26. Designed by Courtney Nye

27. Designed by Vernich Interiors

28. Designed by Christine Kissick

29. Designed by Suzanne Kasler

30. Designed by Brianne Penney

31. Designed by Heather Scott Home

32. Designed by Brooke & Lou

33. Designed by Bria Hammel Interiors

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