15 Gorgeous White Living Room Ideas


A white living room is a dream of many, however, it can be difficult to decorate a white space without making it look like a sterile hospital room. Here are 15 white living room ideas to help you decorate your own white living room to make it look homely.

1A Pop of Color and Black Stripes

White living room decoration

Colors and textures are a great way to decorate a white living room. Black stripes on the cushions or the rug softens the bright white while a pop of yellow as the accent color can bring life back to the space.

2Neutral Colors and Industrial Touches

White living room

Industrial pieces combined with neutral wood suits well with a white living room. The wooden pieces bring everything in the room together while making it cozy.

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4Pastels and Plants

White living room design

Coastal style is a great option to decorate a white living room, bringing the beach breeze to the atmosphere by a touch of pastel blue. Plants added to the environment would also further enrich the beach vibe.

5Masculine and Modern

Black and white living room

Monochrome look would not only make a white living room more appealing but also more masculine while keeping it cozy with large windows bringing the sunlight in.

6Contrasting Dark Wood Floors

Dark wood floor white living room

Dark wood floors are a great way to balance a white-toned room while making it look chic. Dark floors are not only a way to add depth but also a way to showcase other colors and the pieces in the room.


Minimalist white living room

You can bring the latest trend, minimalism, to your white living room by using neutral accents and keeping the furniture and decoration simple. The clear lines in the room make it look clutter-free and open.

8Wall Decor

White living rooms

Wall decors are a great way to add a character to the room. White walls are also used to showcase the art pieces, making them the focus of the room.

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10Bohemian Theme

White living room ideas

A white living room can be turned into a room with bohemian vibes, using ethnic patterns around the room on pillows and curtains. You can also add a bit of color as the continuation of the bohemian theme to bring it all together.

11Rustic Look Mixed with White

White living room decor ideas

White painted wooden walls and a contrasting fireplace is a good way of incorporating the rustic vibe into a white living room design. You can combine the rustic style with different colors on the sofa and other pieces of decoration to create a farmhouse-look that looks unbelievably comfortable.

12Large Living Rooms

White living room images

The key to decorating a large living room is to balance it with sections. You can bring the chairs and sofas together for a cozy environment. It is best to use large pieces of furniture such as a coffee table with smaller objects as accents.

13All-White Look

White living room pictures

You can use shapes, patterns and textures to bring life to an all-white room. A large coffee table with a large chandelier are a great way of designating a focal point to the room. An abstract art piece with patters would enhance the theme without needing color.

14Plants for a Fresh Touch

White living room examples

Having a plant corner in your white living room can be a way of adding color naturally to the room while also benefiting from the patterns of the plants to help enrich the environment. Plants also bring a fresh look to the space without making it look cluttered.

15Modern Look

Modern white living room

Modern style is a perfect match for a white living room. Using metal or glass pieces such as a coffee table or large windows enhances the modern look while a simple color scheme helps with the clean and open look.

16White and Grey

White living room photos

The harmony of white and grey is a fool-proof way of decorating a modern white living room. You can try to paint a wall grey as an accent color to contrast the white space. Grey central pieces such as a sofa may help bring everything all together.

17Traditional Style

White living room interior design

A white living room can easily be enriched with traditional style. Sumptuous and large pieces of furniture is a must while lots of layers on the sofas with pillows and patterns help with the traditional look. Dark wood floors with a large rug is a great way to make it cozy and inviting.

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