15 Traditional Living Room Decors


Traditional living rooms can be, well, quite traditional. Yet, with a few changes in the room, you can transform it into something unique of your own. You can incorporate these 15 traditional living room ideas into your own home and witness the change yourself.

1Small but Spacious

Traditional living room design

If you have a small living room, you can place the neutral-toned sofa and the arm chair on the sides of the room leaving the middle open, showcasing the fireplace while a small coffee table in the middle is tying everything together.

2Enjoying the Fireplace

Traditional living room pictures

Fireplace is an ideal option for traditional living room decor. Instead of symmetrically lining the seating group, try putting the armchairs in front of the fireplace to design a cozy environment for everybody to connect.


Antique traditional living room

A different take of a traditional living room would be decorating it with antique pieces of furniture, making it look like a warm place from the past with vintage vibes while keeping it classical.


Traditional living room photos

The ceilings are not always a part of traditional decoration but when it is used correctly it can change the room drastically. In a traditional living room, simple lines on the ceiling mirroring or complementing the floor would give the room an elegant and spacious look.

5Not So Neutral

Traditional living room decoration

A traditional living room would traditionally have neutral colors. However, it does not mean a rich shade of blue as the accent color would not suit such a room. A big rug covering the living space with traditional patterns that have blue in it would complete the look.

6Classy White

Traditional living room decor

A traditional living room design that is mainly white is quite possible to pull off. Only with a small touch of color here and there, the overall white would make the room look classy and clean without losing the cozy and warm feeling.


Traditional living room ideas

A traditional room can be comfortable while looking sleek. Classy sofas combined with classy drapes would help the room look more elegant while big mirrors used around the room make it look much bigger and richer.

8Arched Windows

Traditional living room images

Unique pieces of d├ęcor or features of a house like arched windows would add character to a traditional living room while making it look much more inviting with great amount of sunlight shining in.

9Victorian Traditional

Victorian traditional living room

Instead of a mainstream traditional living room, you can opt for Victorian elements in a traditional style, making it look lush by choosing neutral colors and golden details.

10Hardwood Floors

Traditional living room design ideas

Dark hardwood floors are a great complementary option for a traditional living room. While making it look chic, it also ties all the classic pieces together, providing a firm background for the overview of the room.

11Modern yet Traditional

Traditional style living rooms

Modern elements may be incorporated into the traditional style. A modern-looking fireplace and steel light fixtures could be small yet steady way of transforming a traditional interior.

12Country Vibes

Traditional living rooms

Country style elements complement the traditional style while a bold accent color like coral accompanying not-so-traditional overall white look in the room.

13Focal Point

Traditional style living room

In a traditional living room, a large, traditional patterned rug and a stately fireplace can be the focal point of the room while the other pieces in the room remain subtle and simple, balancing the look and making it all come together.

14Bookcase and Fireplace Duo

Traditional living room decor ideas

A fireplace is one of the main features of a traditional living room. However, in-built bookcases on the sides of the fireplace would make the room even more traditional and classy, giving it a scholarly vibe while keeping it cozy.

15Luxuriously Traditional

Traditional living room

It is not so difficult to turn a traditional living room into a luxurious one with a classical fireplace, symmetrically placed seating group and a large ottoman in the middle instead of a typical coffee table. Small touches like wood-panels behind the fireplace, hardwood floors and rich accent color scheme would complete the luxurious feel.