60 Small Living Room Design Examples


We selected beautiful and small living rooms for you in this gallery. You can get ideas from these examples. Here are small living room designs from popular home bloggers or interior designers.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.

4Keep the Base Light

Small living room ideas

The walls, the floor and the furniture… Choose all of them to be light in color to brighten up the space and make it look much more open. Use colors and patterns only as the accent in small amounts.


Small living room design ideas

Minimalist style is perfect for small living rooms as it generally includes light and natural color palettes along with simple and subtle objects. In this case, less is more. Using less furniture and decor will make your space appear much bigger.

12Go Low

Ideas for small living rooms

In small living rooms, it is a good idea to use lower and smaller furniture which will make the room look open rather than tall and big ones that cramp up the space.


Small living room designs

Neutral and earthy tones are good choices for small spaces as they make the room appear open and large. With only a few soft accent colors, you can add a character to your living room.


Small living room

Clear lines of the Scandinavian style are great for small spaces. Furniture that is high above the ground with exposed legs can also help the space look more open.

24Designating Areas

Minimalist small living room ideas

Separating the seating area from the dining area will organize your small living room and help the space look free of clutter.

28Dark Colors

How to decorate a small living room

Dark colors tend to make a space look smaller. So, if you have a small living room, think about painting only one wall a dark color as an accent to create contrast and depth.

32Open Shelving

Small living room pictures

We continue to list small living room ideas. Instead of closets or cupboards that make a room much smaller, choose open shelving systems to store decor objects or books.


Small living room decoration

Unpainted wood used in furnishings along with neutral-toned sofas can design the subtle and simple base of a small living room, making room for colorful decor to make it lively and fun.

40Lightweight Decor

Ways to decorate a small living room

To avoid making a small living room even smaller, choose lightweight décor such as metal light fixtures and transparent curtains to go easy on the eyes.


Small living room examples

Using light and soft shades of blue instead of neutral colors will make a small space appear open while giving it a calm and warm vibe.


Small living room photos

Utilize the corners of a small living room by placing low shelves to hold books. If you choose them to be the same colors as your walls, you can make them disappear into the background and make the room appear much bigger.


Small living room design

Light shades of grey are a good idea to decorate a small living room for those who are not in favor of using color.


Small living room decor

Clear lines of the modern style as well as the reflective metals help open and brighten up the space, making it look clean and simple.

55Big Patterns

Small living room decor ideas

If you have a piece of decor that has big patterns, make it the focal point of the room and keep everything else neutral and simple such as this black and white patterned rug in the middle of a grey and white living room.

56Warm Colors

Small living room images

Using warm tones only as the accent color can help make your small living room cozy and inviting.

57Only White

White small living room ideas

Using only white in a small living room is the easiest but the most efficient option to make the space look bigger and brighter.


Black small living room ideas

Using black can be tricky in a small living room decor. You can paint only one wall to contrast the white walls to add depth to the room. Choosing a few décors in black would complement the accent wall without making the room gloomy.

59Darks and Lights

Decor ideas for small living rooms

Mixing the right amount of dark and light colors in a small living room can be enough contrast to make the room feel open.

60Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Small living rooms

Using horizontal and vertical lines in furniture and on the walls in a small living room would make the room appear larger in size.