34 Scandinavian Living Room Designs


The Scandinavian style offers a cozy atmosphere by incorporating natural wood to bring the nature into our lives. We selected 34 beautiful scandinavian living room designs in this gallery. Many of these are good examples by popular interior designers and home stylists.

1. Designed by Brianne Penney

2. Designed by Scandinavian Homes

3. Full on Scandinavian

Scandinavian living room

Bringing the nature through natural wood floors, wooden sofa legs and a wooden coffee table while emphasizing simplicity with white walls is the key of Scandinavian style.

4. Designed by Megan, Scandi Boho Home Decor

5. Designed by Threelight CGI Studio

6. Designed by Scandinavian Homes

7. Designed by Brianne Penney

8. Designed by Chayce & Hannah

9. Designed by Jenna Sue

10. Designed by Anissa Zajac

11. Designed by Valeria Jacobs

12. Patterns

Scandinavian living rooms

Patterns added through pillows and rugs spices up a simple and minimalist Scandinavian living room without tiring the eye and cluttering the space.

13. Designed by Brianne Penney

14. Designed by Katie Staples

15. Designed by Mindy Gayer Design Co.

16. Designed by Hannah, Thistle Harvest

17. Designed by Minted

18. Designed by Monika Hibbs

19. Designed by Mindy Gayer Design Co.

20. Designed by Katie Staples

21. Designed by Anissa Zajac

22. Designed by Megan, Scandi Boho Home Decor

23. Plants

Scandinavian living room decor

The natural feeling of the Scandinavian style cannot only be achieved through wood but also plants. Putting lots different plants around the living room does not only add color but also freshens up the space with lots of oxygen.

24. Designed by Emily Brownell

25. Designed by Sybilla

26. Designed by Jenna

27. Designed by Debbie Crawford

28. Bright Colors

Scandinavian living room pictures

In a Scandinavian living room, bright colors can be used effectively to design a welcoming atmosphere. A bright red sofa in a completely white room complemented by wooden furniture and hardwood floors becomes the statement object while adding personality to the space.

29. Designed by Sybilla

30. Designed by Anissa Zajac

31. Designed by Mindy Gayer Design Co.

32. Designed by Anissa Zajac

33. Designed by Caroline

34. Designed by Kamille Magette

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Scandinavian living room photos