45 Scandinavian Living Room Designs


The Scandinavian style offers a cozy atmosphere by incorporating natural wood to bring the nature into our lives. We selected 45 beautiful scandinavian living room designs in this gallery. Many of these are good examples by popular interior designers and home stylists.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.

3Full on Scandinavian

Scandinavian living room

Bringing the nature through natural wood floors, wooden sofa legs and a wooden coffee table while emphasizing simplicity with white walls is the key of Scandinavian style.


Scandinavian style living room samples

Wooden panels installed on a modern fireplace adds texture to a mostly white living room without spoiling the neutral tones of the space.

9Accent Wall

Scandinavian living room interior

Continue to another beautiful scandinavian decorating ideas for living rooms. Painting one wall a color like dark blue brings life, complements the simple and elegant aesthetic in a Scandinavian living room that is decorated with simple furniture with the least amount of details and complexity.


Cozy scandinavian living room

Normally a Scandinavian living room decor would be without rugs and extra fuss around the windows, however, to make the place cozier, adding curtains matching the wall color and a complementary rug works like a charm.


Scandinavian living rooms

Patterns added through pillows and rugs spices up a simple and minimalist Scandinavian living room without tiring the eye and cluttering the space.

18Wooden Bookcase

Scandinavian style living room

Instead of a traditional bookcase, wooden shelves built on a white-stone wall enhances the bright and simple aesthetic of the Scandinavian style.


Scandinavian living room design

Incorporating a color like green to whites and wooden furniture is a great idea to enhance the natural feeling of the Scandinavian style while bringing warmth and life to the room.


Grey scandinavian living room

Instead of the sterile looking white walls, grey painted walls are preferable to keep the place feeling light yet cozy while light blue accents complement the greys and whites in the room.


Scandinavian living room ideas

Natural wood is a fool-proof way of decorating a Scandinavian living room. Wooden logs used as coffee tables, wooden separators as wall decors along with a wooden bookshelf warms the white-washed room while earth-toned accents bring them all together.


Scandinavian living room decor

The natural feeling of the Scandinavian style cannot only be achieved through wood but also plants. Putting lots different plants around the living room does not only add color but also freshens up the space with lots of oxygen.

33Black Accents

Scandinavian living room design ideas

Contrasting the all-white simple look of the Scandinavian style, to change things up, black can be used as the accent color not only in décor items but also on accent walls, enhancing the overall pure look by providing a background to bring the spotlights on.

36Bright Colors

Scandinavian living room pictures

In a Scandinavian living room, bright colors can be used effectively to design a welcoming atmosphere. A bright red sofa in a completely white room complemented by wooden furniture and hardwood floors becomes the statement object while adding personality to the space.

39Think Outside the Box

Scandinavian living room images

Adding a not-so-modern looking fireplace in a Scandinavian living room is not forbidden by all means. A white, rather traditional looking fireplace can bring warmth, while a knitted-pink ottoman in front of it, uniquely ties everything together.

42Beige Walls

Scandinavian living room photos

Beige walls are great replacement for white walls to reflect light in the space while making it look comfortable. Additionally, patterned and colorful pillows complementing a colorful armchair can bring the bohemian vibes to a Scandinavian living room.


Scandinavian living room decoration

Pastel colors like soft pink are the perfect fit to bring life to a mostly white Scandinavian living room while adding to its calm and simple aesthetic.