46 Rustic Living Room Designs


The feeling of a wooden cabin in a forest is the idea of the rustic style. Natural, even distressed wood with brick or stone fireplaces design a rough look while making the atmosphere feel cozy and welcoming especially on cold winter days. 46 nice rustic living room designs are waiting rustic decor lovers in this gallery.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.

4Rustic Touch to Modern

Rustic living room ideas

Wooden panels installed continually from the walls to the ceiling supported by beams can add a rustic touch to a modern living room.

8Rustic Place, Modern Decoration

Rustic living room design

Rustic living room decor can work well with other styles. An architecturally rustic house with wooden ceiling beams, hardwood floors and a stately fireplace looks luxurious and elegant when combined with modern decoration around the place.

12Rustic Vibe

Rustic style living room

If you want an added rustic vibe to your space, you can always try to install faux stone wall-panels and add an old armchair to make your living room look cozy.

15Wood and White

Rustic living room

Dark hardwood floors and an accent wall furnished with wooden panels complemented by wooden ceiling beams look especially beautiful when combined with contrasting white walls and furniture.


Rustic living rooms

A traditional, open hearth fireplace made of bricks is the backbone of the rustic style. Putting the seating set around such a fireplace along with complementary walls furnished with distressed wood is a perfect way to introduce coziness to a rough look.

21Painted Wood

Rustic living room decor

The rustic decor style does not necessarily include natural, unpainted wood. Incorporating white painted wooden beams and panels can give your rustic living room a breath of fresh air.

24Wooden Beauty

Rustic living room examples

In a truly rustic cottage located in nature, showcasing the beautiful hand-workmanship of the wooden panels, beams and columns along with a huge stone fireplace in a space decorated with only a few pieces of furniture is the way to go.

26Bright Colors

Rustic living room design ideas

In contrast to the neutral tones of the rustic style, using bright colors like blue moderately can lighten up the place while bringing the wooden details to light.

29Furniture Choices

Rustic designed living room

Here is another beautiful rustic decorating example. Both leather and natural fabric used on sofas complement the rough and easy-going vibe of the rustic style, while combined with wooden furniture scattered around to balance everything.

32Accent Wood

Rustic style decorated living room

Instead of using wood all around a rustic living room, wooden accents used around the place such as on ceiling beams and railings along with floors is enough for the cozy and welcoming effect of the rustic style.

35White yet Rustic

Rustic living room photos

In a completely white and modern looking living room, a wooden coffee table, a sofa with wooden details along with a faux fur rug and a few rustic decorative pieces would be more than enough to design a rustic living room in whites.

38Statement Object

Rustic living room pictures

In a rustic living room that is decorated with wooden panels and floors, a white, stone fireplace immediately stands out becoming the statement object.

41Wall Decor

Rustic living room decoration

Adding rustic vibes is easy enough with wall decors such as a wooden ladder to hold knitted, comfy blankets and small baskets to hold knick-knacks.

44Contrasting Styles

Brown rustic living room

In a place with rustic architectural designs like wooden ceilings and brick window trims, a contrasting modern fireplace along with modern furniture can exist in harmony and complement each other while enhancing the effect of both styles.

46Focus on Rustic

Rustic living room images

Keeping the furniture simple and subtle allows the wooden ceilings and stone fireplaces to become the focal point of the room and enrich the rustic feeling of the space.