15 Red Living Room Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss


Red is the color of passion and life itself. Why not bring it to your living space to enhance the experience of living in the most visited room of your house? How to use red in living room decor? These 15 red living room ideas are here to help.

1Cabin Coziness

Red living room ideas

In an old, rustic cabin, red is a great color to use moderately to bring some warmth to the atmosphere.


Red living room design

In a white living room, consider painting a wall red to add dimension to the space and design a background to display your furniture. A red lounge chair put in the white space could be a transition piece to bind the white and red together.


Red living room

A living room dominated by neutral colors does not have to stay neutral all the way. A red sofa combined with a red, traditional patterned rug become the focal point of the room and bring life to it.

4Contrasting Colors

Red living rooms

Contrasting colors do not have to be black and white only. Bright red accents used in a mainly pastel yellow living room paint enough contrast to add depth to the space while making it inviting.

5Corners and Sectionals

Red living room images

In a mostly pale living room, a big, red sectional can be used to fill a corner. A bookcase that is completely covering the wall behind the sectional, would add character to the room without needing any additional color or decor.

6Bohemian Vibes in Contemporary

Red living room decor

A shabby-chic sofa that has many different shades of red along with complementing colors would bring the bohemian vibes in to a contemporary style living room, making the place look laid-back and cozy.

7Pop of Color

Red living room decor ideas

Red is an amazing color that complements a peachy living room. Using a few furniture pieces and decor items in red would be more than enough to design a cozy space without worrying about the color scheme.

8Cool and Warm Tones

Red living room pictures

If you have cool toned walls such as blue, using warm tones like red balances everything and makes the place welcoming while looking fresh and open.

9Wood and Red

Red living room interior

Unpainted natural wood is relatively a pale color especially when it is used in a neutral-toned living room. In such a situation using a bold and warm color like red would complement the wood and add to its warm nature.

10Red Walls

Red living room examples

Painting the walls red may be scary for some but when it is combined with cool tones in furniture and neutral accents to build a bridge between them, red can bring so much joy and life to a room.

11Small Rooms, Bold Colors

Red living room photos

In a small living room, keeping the base neutral is a great idea to reflect light and make the room look larger. However, a bold accent color like red is a good idea to add depth to small room while making it inviting.


Red living room decoration

We continue to share red living room ideas for you. Patterns are a great way to add color without being dominating. Red and white stripes or floral patterns do not only add character to the room but also make it fun.

13Dark Red Being Classy

Red wall colored living room

Dark red painted walls make up an amazing base for a classy living room with stately leather sofas and a piano placed in a corner. Red, with its enriching tone allows light to reflect dramatically, making the room much classier.

14Modern Red

Red living room design ideas

In a modern living room that is monochrome, using a completely contrasting color like red can be very effective for designing a much cozier atmosphere while being unique.

15Reds in Neutrals

Decorate living room with red pillows

In a modern or contemporary living room, going with neutral colors can be tricky and sometimes even boring. To balance things out, using red pillows and a few red objects around the place immediately changes the ambiance without spoiling the general vibe of the room.