15 Purple Living Rooms You Should See


Purple is a royal color with its rich and elegant nature. Having various shades from dark to light, purple can transform a living room into either a fun and lively space or a luxurious and elegant one. How to use purple in living rooms? It is up to you to decide which one you want in your life with the help of these 15 purple living room ideas.

1Vibrant Color

Purple living room

Transform a somewhat rustic attic into a vibrant and fun little retreat center by using purple as the accent color on pillows and curtains against the pure white, making it look cozy and comfortable.

2Shades of Purple

Purple living room ideas

Using a light and soft shade of purple on the walls and a dark and rich purple on a classic armchair along with purple accents scattered around, makes enough contrast in the room and makes it look spacious.

3Bright Purple

Purple living rooms

There is no better way to make a completely white living room cute and lively than using bright purple curtains and a lilac sofa.

4Colorful Scandinavian

Purple living room decor

The clean and simple look of the Scandinavian style couldn’t be more perfect for incorporating any color you like. Purple and blue accents are a bold yet fun way of bringing life to a simple living room.

5Elegant Drapes

Purple living room decor ideas

It is quite easy to transform a black and white living room with elegant and luminous purple drapes to add a luxurious touch while allowing the light to shine through.

6Combining Bold Colors

Purple living room design

Ombining rich and complementary colors like dark purple and reddish pink is a bold yet worthwhile decision as it enriches the room while adding a dramatic effect.

7Calm Purple

Purple living room images

Light shades of purple used in the walls complemented by rich purple used on pillows and throws mixed with whites and stripes make the room look calm and cozy.

8Accents in Purple

Purple ideas for living rooms

Purple used in accents moderately like curtains, pillows and rugs along with patterns change a living room completely by making it look lively and fun.

9Same Color Family

Purple living room photos

On a completely white canvas, using the color family of purple such as the various shades of pink is a great idea to incorporate different yet complementary colors to enrich the room and bring life to it.

10Completely Purple

Cozy purple living room

Using different shades of purple in contrast to each other gives the illusion that the room is larger than it seems. Sticking to the color family is fool-proof and helpful to design an actual purple living room.

11Luxurious Ambiance

Purple living room pictures

We continue to share purple living room ideas. Purple is known to be a royal color and you can use this to your advantage in your living room to design a luxurious and elegant ambiance with the correct shades of purple.

12Earthy Tones Meeting Purple

Purple living room design ideas

If you do not want to go all neutral, you can always incorporate a soft purple sofa to the earthy tones of a living room, bringing some color and life to it.

13Bold Accents

Purple living room examples

On a purple background such as a violet sofa, bold accent colors such as red used in balance with light colors make all the colors pop against each other.

14Traditional Style

Purple living room interior

Traditional style is the perfect style to combine with the rich shades of purple as it enriches the environment. A purple velvet armchair is enough to be a statement object on its own in a luxurious and traditional living room.

15Easy Going

Purple living room decoration

In a purple living room, bold purple and soft blue used together enhances the cozy and welcoming effect of the space and makes it look quite comfortable and easy going.

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