44 Plant Decoration Ideas for Living Rooms


If you don’t know how to use plants in decoration, these 44 plant decoration ideas for living rooms can be a source of inspiration.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.

1All Around

Plant decoration in living room

In a simplistic living room that has clear lines and only a few furniture, decoration may be done by putting various different types of plants all around the room to bring in freshness and tropical vibes.


Plant decoration ideas for living rooms

In a monochrome living room, plants are the best option to bring in color naturally. Plants in different sizes and types can be put into monochrome vases to go with the style of the room.


Plant decor in living room

In a minimalist living room, the motto is less is more. Choose one big, stately plant with lots of leaves to fill the space without cluttering it.


Plant decor ideas for living rooms

If a living room consists of low furniture throughout, it would be a good idea to use tall, tree-like plants to balance everything out.

12White Room

Decorating with plants

A white living room can be tricky to decorate with colors. The fool-proof way of decorating such a room would be using all kinds of flowers and plants in different colors.

15Plant Center Pieces

Plant ideas for living rooms

Plants can also be used as centerpieces on coffee tables. You can either go for a big, bushy plant or combine It with a contrasting small one to design a flow.


Living room plant decor

With whites and natural, unpainted wooden furniture, a Scandinavian living room is a perfect background for all sorts of plants from short to tall, from bushy to tree-like. Such plants will enhance the natural and comfy vibes of the living room.

21Knitted Pots

Living room plant ideas

Instead of using store-bought pots, you can opt for using hand-knitted pots to put plants in, displaying your craft at the same time. Knitted flowerpots are also great to decorate a bohemian living room.

24Hanging Plants

Plant decoration

Hanging plants can be used anywhere in the living room. Using them on top of the dining table instead of hanging lights would be an interesting choice for those who are looking for a change.

27Plant Corner

Plant decor

Designating an area for plants is a great idea. A comfortable armchair and a dresser full of plants on top would make up the perfect corner for relaxing and quiet reading sessions.


Plant decoration in living rooms

Succulents are small, cute plants that needs low maintaining, therefore, they make the perfect decorative plants for any surfaces form coffee tables to side tables in a living room.

33One Plant Only

Ways to decorate living room with plants

If you have one big plant with wide leaves, it is better to keep it in a corner without using any additional plants around to make it a statement object in your living room.

36Plant Racks

Decoration with plants

Plant racks are great option to store many different plants in one area to design your own little garden in the living room in an urban lifestyle.

39Plant Paintings and Prints

Plant decor ideas

Instead of using actual plants everywhere, you can use paintings and prints of different plants or leaves to bring color and style to your living room.


Decorate living room with plants

It may sound crazy, but you can actually have a small tree in your living room for a plant, bringing the nature directly into your daily life. As the tree starts growing, you can always take it out and plant it somewhere and get a new one for your house, contributing to make the world a greener place.

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