15 Pink Living Room Ideas


Pink does not have to be a stereotypical girl’s color when it comes to decoration. Different uses of pink can make your living room lovely, sophisticated, fun or calm depending on your preferences. How to decorate a room with pink color? Look at these 15 pink living room decor and ideas to try it yourself.

1Industrial Pink

Pink living room decor

Industrial style is known to be quite masculine and grungy with dark colors and metal details, however, it does not mean that a hot pink plush armchair would not be a good statement object in an industrial setting.


Pink living rooms

You can turn a little-girl’s-room concept into a princess-like living room by combining different shades of pink and enhancing the princess vibes by choosing a vintage, soft pink sofa to make a focal point in a pink living room decor.

3Gold & Pink

Pink living room decoration

Gold is no doubt one of the best accent colors that goes well with pink. You can decorate your pink living room with golden décor such as mirror frames or picture frames to give it a sophisticated vibe.

4Pink Accents

Pink living room ideas

Pink is a great accent color for grey base. Instead of pink, you can choose your primary color to be grey and use soft pink in your decoration. A painting that incorporates different hues of each color would blend everything together.

5Play with Colors

Pink living room photos

Choosing every single piece of the sitting group from different shades and colors would be a fun way to play with colors. Mixing hot pink with a dusty pink and a yellowish green can look very inviting when supported with right decor pieces and accent colors.

6Industrial Elements

Pink living room

While using wooden and metal furniture to add industrial elements to your pink living room, you can also designate a corner for all sorts of plants to enhance the comfortable and fresh look of the space.

7Many Shades of Pink

Pink living room images

Using different shades of pink may not sound good in theory but, in practice it may be quite fun to harmonically combine them with the help of decor tricks like using different patterns and shapes to enrich the overview of the room.

8Calmness of Blue and Pink

Pink living room decor ideas

Soft pink painted walls and soft blue sofas make a living room dreamy and fairytale-like while also making it calm and comfortable.


Pink living room design ideas

When bold colors like hot pink is used as the accent color in a monochrome living room, it immediately brings life to the room while making the monochrome look standout even more than before.


Pink living room interior

In a living room where pink is an accent color, decoration needs to include pink touches. A pink coffee mug, a book and a knitted-basket full of yarns placed casually on a coffee table and a fluffy pink blanket thrown over a couch would make the room feel cozy and warm by making it look like a lived space and not a perfectly designed showroom.

11Flower Arrangement

Decorate living room with pink flowers

Instead of candle holders or empty vases, carefully arranged fresh, pink flowers would not only complement the color schemes of a pink living room but also make it look much more inviting.


Pink living room examples

We continue to share pink living room ideas. Choosing bold colors like hot pink and yellow mixed with subtle colors like white would bring positivity to a living room, making it your happy place.

13Pink Walls

Pink living room pictures

A rosy pink painted wall would make a great statement in a living room that is simplistically and elegantly designed without cluttering the overall look of the space.

14Don’t Be Afraid of Experimenting

Pink decoration ideas for living rooms

A living room with subtle colors can turn into a great base for experimenting with different colors through décor objects. Don’t think if the colors or patterns will match each other or not, just give it a try and see what happens.

15Modern Pink

Pink living room design

In a modern room, a pink sofa would make an amazing statement object. While becoming the focal point of the room, it would also make the other parts of the room visible by contrasting the monochrome look.

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