15 Most Popular Living Room Styles


Decoration styles are the backbone of interior design. The style of a living room tells a lot about it and the person who is living there, as it also reflects the soul and the character of those who live in it. When decorating or redecorating a space, it is best to decide on a certain style and move on from there. In that case, you need to know exactly what each style means to choose the one that is right for you. We have prepared this list of 15 most popular living room styles to get you started on your journey.


Living room styles

Mid-century or mid-century modern is a style of mid 1950s and 60s, combining modern elements with the relatively old ones. It has a minimalistic look to it while it includes curves and natural shapes as well.


Modern living room decor ideas

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Modern style is known with its clean and sharp lines combined with a monochrome color scheme that bring out the crisp look of the style even more by its contrasting nature along with the metals and glass used around that adds to the cool vibe. Modern style is a simplistic one that does not include a lot of furniture. It looks sleek and calm.


Contemporary designed living room
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Contemporary style is not as strict as the modern because it refers to the time you are living in. Therefore, it is changeable according to the era, it could include curves and natural shapes instead of sharp and clean lines.

4Shabby Chic

Living room decoration styles
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Shabby Chic is a style that is somewhat vintage looking yet not as well-refined. It usually has a rough look with an elegant touch. While neutral colors schemes can be used, shabby chic style usually gains its identity with fun colors.


Minimalist living room

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Minimalist style is even more simplified version of the modern style with its motto “less is more” and it generally uses more neutral color schemes and wood throughout the space. What is important in this style is to use only a few fundamental furniture that has functionality.


Rustic living room decor

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Rustic style brings the feelings of old days with unfinished wood, ceilings beams and stone walls with elements incorporated from the nature.


Scandinavian living rooms

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Scandinavian style focuses on simplicity. White walls complementing unpainted wooden floors would paint the perfect base for this style.


Living room decor styles

Mediterranean style brings the warm tones with tile designs with lots of floral patterns and bronze details on the accents to complete the look.


Eclectic living room decor

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Eclectic style is one of must eccentric and fun styles out there. The main idea is that you can mix and match any style you wish to design your own that reflects your soul.


Industrial living room design
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Industrial style attracts attention to its raw, unfinished look with the use of distressed wood or exposed brick walls. High ceilings, neutral color schemes and matte black metal details complete the style and give it a natural yet masculine look.


Decoration styles for living rooms

Vintage style brings together old or aged furniture with neutral color schemes at the base that gives the room an elegant atmosphere while the use of natural materials is highly appreciated.


Country living room pictures

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Country style is cozy and comfortable with many patterns and textures mixed with warm colors that gives of the feeling of a small cottage.


Traditional living room decor ideas

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Traditional style is a classic one with warm and neutral color schemes, dark wooden furniture, textures and lots of accessories that fill the room.


Popular living room styles
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Farmhouse style brings the warmth and coziness of a cabin with natural woods and light, neutral color schemes besides industrial accents.


Coastal living room decor

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Coastal style’s inspiration is the sea. It brings the beach vibes to your room by using blue and white colors along with wicker furniture and lightweight, airy curtains.