20 Most Popular Living Room Colors


Colors are one of the key components of decorating a living room. Since every color has a different effect on human psychology, it is important to know their effect and choose the right one according to the atmosphere you wish to design in your own living room. It is also important to choose the color that is suitable for the style of your space to get the best results. In this list, we have 20 most popular living room colors to introduce you to the world of color psychology and their use in interior design.


Living room colors

Mustard is the sophisticated and classy version of yellow with its darker shade. Mustard goes especially well with dark colors like gray or black, giving the room a relaxing atmosphere and bringing character to it.


Grey living room

Grey, while being a modern color, is also a subtle one for those who prefer to keep things quiet and sophisticated. It goes really well with modern, Scandinavian and minimalist styles. It also is the perfect background color for both soft and bold colors to pop up.


Minimalist white living room

White is usually associated with purity, it feels clean and fresh. When it is used in a living room, it makes the room look much bigger and brighter due to reflecting the light and distributing it everywhere. It is also the perfect background color as it looks amazing with any given color.


Living room color ideas

Lilac is a very calm and serene color. It is perfect to feel relaxed while feeling cozy and warm due to its pleasant hue. It goes well with neutral colors that are comforting as well as darker shades such as grey.


Classic style blue living room

Blue is one of the most popular living room colors. Blue is known to be the color of serenity and calmness. In a living room, the color blue designs the perfect place for you to relax and rest after a long day. However, since blue is a cold color, try to use soft and warmer shades and avoid the dark shades of blue as the main color as it can be a bit depressing.


Green living room decor

Green takes its calming and refreshing effect from the nature itself. It is an amazing accent color in modern and minimalist styles due to having a natural hue. It can also be used as the main color so long as it is accompanied by neutral tones.


Wall colors for living room

Peach is a softer version of orange for those who do not like the boldness of the orange itself. As it has a calming effect like many soft shades, it also promotes communication where it is used, so it would be great for a living room.


Best living room colors

Teal is the perfect combination of both super calming colors: blue and green. In order to double the soothing vibe and amp up your concentration for productivity, choose teal as your main color.


Living room wall colors

Salmon is a pinkish tone and a warm color. It is known to increase energy levels as well as the emotions. When combined with neutral colors, salmon would become more noticeable and effective.


Yellow living room design

Yellow is one of the happiest colors out there. It does not only make a room bright but also make it feel fun, happy and energized almost like a kid who can’t stand still. It looks classy when it is used with dark colors such as gray or black and it looks elegant when it is used with neutral colors.


Brown living room decor

Brown is one of the most calming neutral colors and perfect for the places where slowing down is needed like a work space or reading corner. Brown can also be used in a living room through natural materials like wood or leather while also giving the room an elegant touch.


Purple living room interior

Purple is known to be the color of royalty. Especially its dark shades look luxurious, elegant and sophisticated. Combining it with creams would enrich the purple even more while grays would add a cooling effect to it to make it more elegant.


Living room paint colors

Aqua is also a shade of blue, therefore, it has a soothing effect. Aqua is also known to give a feeling of homeliness and belonging. So, it would be a perfect choice for a living room for both relaxing and feeling right at home.


Living room paint ideas

Orange is the other half of yellow because of its energizing, happy nature. Using orange in a living room would help you to release all the emotions you may have and uplift the mood. Orange is also a perfect accent color when it is used with dark main colors as well as neutrals.


Black living room images

Black is the color of depth. When it is used as the accent color, it does not darken the room, but it gives the room a dimension and grounds everything while looking sleek, minimalistic and luxurious.


Red living room examples

Red is a passionate color that can change the mood of the room and the people immediately. While using bold red can make you feel energized, a warmer shade can make you feel in the mood. Try to complement red with neutral colors to have a balanced ambiance.


Most popular living room colors

Turquoise, as it is a shade of blue, has a calming effect. It also promotes clear thinking while implying cleanliness when it is used with neutrals. Turquoise gains character when it is used in combination with darker shades such as gray or black.


Which colors are the best for living rooms

Beige is a quite popular color in interior design. It is a neutral color that is comforting while looking clean and bright. Beige often paints the perfect background color for other warm colors to be displayed as well.


Pink living room decoration

Pink is not necessarily the color of princesses. It is actually quite a calming color especially the soft shades of it. Darker and warmer shades of pink can also look very elegant when combined with neutral colors.


Color ideas for living rooms

Silver is associated with modernity and innovation due to being used on technological products. When it is used in a living room, it would enhance the modern vibe and make it look futuristic. We came to the end of the list of living room colors. I hope you like it.

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