76 Modern Living Room Ideas


Modern is one of the most preferred style for the home. You can check out these 76 modern living room ideas. We also selected modern living room designs from popular interior designers.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.

1Colorful Modern

Modern living rooms

A modern living room design does not have to be monochrome. Using colors that are in harmony like blue and pink on sharp-edged, clear-lined furniture would emphasize the modern look while making it playful.

4Bringing Warmth

Modern living room ideas

Modern style does not need to be cold and soulless. Adding a fireplace that has horizontal lines and reflective surface would bring warmth to the room while keeping with its modern look.

7Wooden Details

Modern living room design

Neutral colors as well as neutral materials are widely used in modern style. Sectioning the tv area with unpainted wood panels is an easy way of spicing up a modern living room style.


Modern living room

Tall, tree-like plants are a subtle way of incorporating color to a mostly monochrome modern living room decor. An armchair that is chosen from the same color family with a different shade such as navy blue would make a great statement piece in the room.

13Big Windows

Modern living room design ideas

Having big and simple-shaped windows are one of the features of the modern look. Choosing white furniture around the place would not only suit the modern style but also reflect the light, making the room much brighter.


Beautiful modern living room

It may come to mind that a monochrome modern living room would be boring. Incorporating different shades of the monochrome color scheme and lots of different shapes and textures help to make a modern living room more inviting and appealing to the eye.

19Metal and Wood

Modern style living rooms

Sometimes mixing what would normally be considered opposite materials can bring a new breath to the decoration. A cubical-looking sectional with metal details and a wooden television unit can come together with the help of smaller décor objects and a coffee table.

22Pure White

White modern living room

White is one of the most preferred color schemes for a modern living room. While it fits perfectly with simple and clean understanding of the modern style, adding one statement object that has a different color and style would complement the modern air.

25Geometric Touches

Modern living room examples

Similar to textures, shapes play a huge role in a modern living room that has clear lines. Specifically, geometric shapes that is used around the room can bring everything together without cluttering the space.

28Neutral and Earthy Tones

Modern decor ideas for living rooms

Using neutral color shades that complement each other along with wooden details may be a great way of designing a classy but modern living room.

31Go Bold or Go Home

Modern living room decorating ideas

Painting the walls with bold colors like teal is great way of contrasting the clean look of the monochrome furniture in a modern living room. Additional accent colors like golden helps tie the two opposites together, bringing harmony to the room while changing its atmosphere.

34Wooden Simplicity

Modern living room decor

Instead of choosing metal furnishings, unpainted wooden furniture would make a modern living room look cozier and inviting while complementing the clean aesthetic.

37Charismatic Grey

Grey modern living room

Different shades of grey can be used together to create a rich canvas to work with. The wooden furniture on top of a grey base would bring enough contrast to the room while giving it a masculine and charismatic vibe.

40Keeping It Simple

Modern living room images

The main idea of the modern style is to keep things simple. While the shapes and the textures of the furniture bring richness to the space, leaving the surfaces as clean as possible with only a few decor objects, help to keep the simplistic look.

43Power of Exposed Structure

Modern living room decor ideas

Leaving the bricks or concrete of the structure exposed immensely complements the modern look. You can also opt for building a brick wall yourself with panels to get the same effect.


Modern decorated living room

Using curves in addition to the clear lines of a modern living room softens the sharp edges and blends everything together, while using copper accent instead of bare metal adds an elegant touch.

49Country Modern

Country modern living room

Combination of modern and country mixes the sharp edges with smooth curves, making the room feel inviting without sacrificing the clean and crisp look.


Modern living room decoration

One of the fool-proof ways of decorating a modern living room is to use patterns in decor such as pillows or the rug. Geometric shapes or lines complement the linear look of the modern style.

55Effortlessly Rich

Modern living room photos

Using a variety of different textures and materials as the accents enriches a modern living room decor. Adding a leather lounge-chair or metal light fixtures would change the atmosphere effortlessly.

58Small but Open

Small modern living room

The simplistic character of the modern style is a great choice for small spaces. The white and pale shades of grey open up the room while the clear lines and clutter-free environment with only a few functional furniture make the room feel spacious.

61Modern in Blue

Modern living room pictures

Soft blue accompanying white and grey in a modern living room does not take away from the clean and simple look but adds a soothing and calming vibe to it.

64Industrial Touch

Modern living room designs

Instead of shiny and reflective metals, you can opt for matte-black-metal look on the furniture and décor to add an industrial touch to a modern living room.

67Mix It Up

Attic modern living room

The furniture with sharp edges, wooden-panels on the ceiling, straw lounge-chair and vintage-looking light fixtures can be used together to design a room that is modern yet personalized with a few touches from different styles.

70Open Plan

Large modern living room

Modern decoration works perfectly with open floor plans. High ceilings and big windows build a spacious base while the combination of vertical and horizontal lines in decoration adds depth and character to the room.

71Modern Apartment

Apartment modern living room

Modern style’s simple and functional perception is in accordance with the urban, apartment living. Small spaces can serve multiple functions while being simple and open with neutral colors and clean lines.

72Passionate Red

Red modern living room

One bold color such as red can be the statement itself in a modern living room whether it be the walls or the accents. Mixing it with the subtle colors in the room does not only add a characteristic touch but also makes the room lively.

73No White

Blue modern living room

A modern living room is possible without using white at all. Contrasting hues like dark blue and soft pink make the room look easy on the eye while keeping the modern look with the sharp and clean lines as well as shiny metals as the accent.


Modern style living room

In addition to the monochrome look, choosing a stripe-patterned sitting group would complement the linear aesthetic of a modern living room while adding a playful touch.

75Warm and Cool Tones

Modern designed living room

In a modern living room decoration, you can use warm and cool tones together to make a contrasting look and to separate the living and the dining sections in open floor plan.

76Soft and Sharp Lines

Small modern living room design

The contrasting look of sharp and soft edges can be a good way of softening the crisp look of a modern living room while making it cozier and more inviting.