65 Minimalist Living Room Ideas You Should See


These 65 minimalist living room decor ideas are perfect for a start. Also we selected beautiful examples from popular and successful interior designers. I recommend you to see all the minimalist living rooms in the content.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.


Minimalist living rooms

Colors can be incorporated into the minimalist decoration style. Using soft colors on a white base while keeping the furniture clean and simple adds character to the room.


Minimalist living room design

Instead of using decor objects, you can opt for plants in all shapes and sizes to style your room while making your decor also functional.

12Wooden Furniture

Minimalist living room decor ideas

Using unpainted wooden furniture with sharp edges and clean lines is a great way to enhance the minimalist vibe in your living room design. A fluffy rug thrown in the middle is enough to make the room cozy.


Grey minimalist living room

Grey is one of the most fitting colors in a minimalist living room. A grey sofa can be put in front of a concrete wall to blend everything in and making the space look more open by contrasting it with white floors.

20Apartment Living

Apartment minimalist living room

Minimalist style is a go to if you are living in an apartment. Choosing a few basic furniture with specific functions and clearing the surfaces of clutter can make your space look much bigger than it actually is along with the light color scheme.

24Accent Color

Minimalist living room decor

In a mostly white minimalist living room decor, adding a few subtle accent colors on pillows would immediately make the room more inviting and homely.

28Big Windows

Minimalist living room

Having big windows in a minimalist living room is an architectural advantage as it adds to the clean and bright look of the style by bringing the sunlight in.

32Statement Objects & Corners

Minimalist style decorated living room

One classic sofa in a soft color that is different from the general color scheme becomes the statement object of a minimalist living room without spoiling the minimal aesthetic. Also, using a divider in the corner is a good idea to utilize a dead space.

36Blue Accents

Minimalist living room ideas

A monochrome minimalistic living room may be enriched by using blue as the accent color. While the light shades would complement the overall look, the soothing effect of it would add to the minimalist philosophy.


Minimalist living room photos

In a very calm and subtle minimalist living room that does not have much color can be brought to life with a patterned and colorful rug which becomes the focal point of the room.


Minimalist living room decoration

Using the vertical and horizontal lines of the furnishings to separate the rooms such as the living area and the kitchen, enhances the minimalist feeling of the space whiling making it look larger.


Minimalist living room pictures

A monochrome look is the first thing that comes to mind in minimalist style. To make a monochrome minimalistic living room more inviting, try to use different shades of each color for a rich palette around the room and patterns to add motion without cluttering it.

52Pink and Blue

Blue minimalist living room

A minimalist living room does not have to be monochrome all the time. Colorful throws and additional pillow covers in soft pink and blue can save you from trouble on the days that you want color.

56One Big Sectional

Minimalist style living room

Instead of using many different small furnishings around the space, use one big, stately object such as a sectional sofa to fill your living room to avoid cluttering the space.

60Color & Style

Minimalist living room images

Using different colors and a few objects with different styles does not take away the minimalist vibe of the room but enriches the space by giving it a personal touch.

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