37 Luxury Living Rooms That You May Love


Most of us want to live in a luxury home. Designing a luxury living room is another specialty. Here are some successful examples from popular interior designers. We have chosen 37 luxury living rooms that you may love.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.

3The Elegance of Gold

Luxury living rooms

Golden details carefully placed on white walls of this traditional luxury living room immediately changes the atmosphere. Combined with beige seating set with gold details and a golden chandelier, the place gains a character.

6Modern Harmony with Curves

Luxury living room

A unique harmony is achieved in this modern and luxury living room by combining clear and sharp lines with lots of curves around the place, designing a contrast. The big windows combined with shiny metals and simplistic furniture makes it look luxurious yet futuristic.

9Luxurious Is Not Enough to Describe This

Luxury living room ideas

Crimson wall panels and ceiling plasters design an overall continuation in this luxury room while the ground base is contrasting it with light colors to balance everything. The classical, engraved furniture, the leather armchair, and all the other accent pieces in shiny metals or glass enrich the room even more.

12One Striking Color

Luxury living room pictures

The big, dark blue rug right in the middle of this luxurious living room manages to highlight the furniture and all the other elements in the room that are all in neutral colors by becoming the contrasting background with its rich hue.

15Brown Is A Beautiful Color

Luxury living room photos

By painting the whole room, including the ceiling, brown, the designer of the room made a clever choice. The beams, the fireplace and the furniture in pure white contrast the background beautifully and shine, giving it an elegant look.

18Not Your Stereotypical Country

Luxury living room decor

With the usage of armchairs in front of the fireplace, quality fabrics and dark, wooden furniture, stone floors, this living room breaks the usual humble and cute look of the country style.

21How Far Can You Go?

Luxury living room big window

This luxury interior desingn example has every trick in the book that promises a better result. Insanely huge windows, not one but two mirrors placed facing each other, the seating area set nicely against the fireplace all make this place large, open and luxurious.

24White Ceilings Are Not A Must

Luxury living room decors

This luxurious room goes for a bold but such a great idea: painting the ceiling a different color. In this case, the soft blue painted ceiling introduces color to a neutral color scheme and provides a good backdrop.

26Classy Looking Living Room

Luxury living room samples

Bookcases covering an entire wall and a leather sofa placed in front of a fireplace design a classy and luxurious living room that is perfect for long reading sessions.

27Soft Pink Dreamy Walls

Luxury living room designs

Soft pink walls become a harmonious background for white furniture and the big white piano placed in the middle. Drapes chosen for the big windows drastically change the atmosphere and make this living room a lot more elegant and fancier.

28Fairly Simple but Smart

Luxury living room pics

This luxury home has considerably fewer amount of furniture. However, the fireplace and the piano placed at the hearth of the space is enough to transform it into a sumptuous one without needing anything extra.

29Big Stone Fireplace

Luxury living room layout

Sometimes a grand fireplace is all one needs to design a luxurious home. This stone fireplace is the focal point of the place and it is highlighted by the subtle background and furniture in contrasting colors.

30Wooden Panels and Leather

Luxury living room design

Wooden wall panels combined with leather chester sofas in contrasting colors to the rest of the room are enough to enrich such a living room as this one.

31Luxurious Can Be Cozy

Luxury living room style

This luxury interior design manages to look cozy and inviting due to the casual-looking sofas while keeping it cool with leather and wooden furniture spread around.

32Accent Colors Are Important

Luxury living room decoration

This room has a white sophisticated base yet the accent colors that are chosen and used on the cushions, the rug and the armchair break the all-white look while still achieving to enrich the luxurious vibe.

33Rustic Doesn’t Mean Old and Boring

Luxury living room cozy

In contrast to the blue walls, white painted wooden furniture, white-stone fireplace and white sofas along with the white ceiling beams come together beautifully. While is has the signature rustic elements around, this room looks up-to-date and elegant.

34Sectioning the Long Living Room

Luxury living room interior

This long living room is divided into sections, such as a seating area in front of the fireplace and a gathering area for friends and family, allowing different colors and styles to blend in and fill the space, enriching the overall look.

35Simple Touches, Big Results

Luxury living room design ideas

This room is fairly simple with one leather sofa and a glass coffee table. The real deal in this room that makes it so mesmerizing is the curtains that are hung from the very top, coming down loosely, reaching the floor.

36Green Is an Alluring Color

Luxury living room images

Such a traditional living room is enriched by simply painting a wall green and making an accent wall that highlights the rest of the room.

37Why Not Using Wicker Chairs?

Luxury living room examples

Wicker armchairs do not only belong to the coastal style. This living room gains its character through these wicker armchairs and lots of greenery used around the room that makes it feel heavenly and lively.