10 Long Living Room Ideas


Long living rooms may be very difficult to deal with when it comes to decoration. With a few tricks, these 10 ideas for decorating narrow and long rooms are going to show you how to exactly deal with them.

1Two Sides

Long living room

Try to divide a long living room with two different seating areas to make use of the space. One area may be suitable for gatherings and the other to relax and watch tv. Decorating it with modern style would also make the place look larger due to its clean look.

2Invisible Divisions

Long living room ideas

Instead of using a wall or a bookshelf to divide a room, two different flooring can be used to visually divide the space without physically dividing it and avoiding to make a long and narrow room even more awkward.

3Use the Vertical Space

Long living room design

In order to make a long living room appear more open, make use of the vertical space. For high ceilings use pendants to attract the eye from bottom to top, and for low ceilings use flush-mount ceiling lights to make the room appear larger.

4Have a Walkway

Long living room decor

Do not push all the furniture to the walls. Instead, try to bring them to one side and use the left space to scatter some furniture around while making a walkway by leaving a portion completely empty.

5Contrasting Empty Space

Long living room pictures

In a long living room, if there is furniture pushed against the walls on one side, try to bring the other furniture across the room to the middle to have contrasting empty spaces. Thus, the room will look much more open.

6Areas in Long Rooms

Long living room images

Long rooms are perfect to design completely different yet complementary areas. While one side of the room can be designated as the seating area, the other one can be designated as the dining area, not only dividing the place naturally but also bringing it all together.

7Avoid Empty Center

Long living rooms

Empty centers in long living rooms make the room look even more narrow. Therefore, fill the center with an ottoman or a coffee table, still leaving some space to walk through. Contrary to what you may think, this will not make the room look small but even larger.

8Traditional Style

Long living room design ideas

Traditional style is perfect due to its symmetrical nature. Bring the armchairs in the middle of the room, across the sofa that is pushed against the wall, designing a seating area. Using the armchairs as the dividers, put the dining table on the other side of the room to designate another area.

9Less is More

Long living room photos

Using less furniture in a narrow room might be a great idea to automatically make the space look larger. Having a white base and large windows are also great tricks to make a room look larger and brighter.


Long living room decoration

To have a luxurious, long living room, a fireplace can be placed in the middle, naturally diving the place. Seating sets may be placed accordingly on one side, while arm chairs can be placed in front of the fireplace, designing an inviting atmosphere. Additional mirrors can be used on walls to make the room appear larger.