108 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas


1Color Harmony

Living room wall decor white

Color harmony is also very important. The overall color of the room may be compatible with the paintings you use on the wall. For example, you can choose the colors of pillows and curtains correctly.

2Full Wooden Walls

Wooden walls in living room

The wood color is a tone that makes people comfortable. We can use the wood color abundantly throughout the room. A good example is that all the walls are wood cladding.


White grey black wall decor

Simplicity is a new trend in home designs. Minimalist style is a prominent example. You can also choose a monochrome picture for the wall decoration of your living room.

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5Leaf Images

White brick wall decor

Give your room a natural look. You can choose natural tones and textures in a corner. Leaf images, dry plants and white brick wall.

6Wood Extending to the Ceiling

Wooden fireplace

The wooden fireplace is a very different living room decoration idea. The fireplace extends to the ceiling. A very striking look and a warm tint.

7Contrast Wall

Wall decoration trend

Find great frames of different sizes. These will be super for wall decor. Paint the wall in a dark color. Make a contrasting look with the frames.

8Solid Nature Figures

Wooden leaves

We can use objects in nature on the walls. Solid, bulky and large decorative objects. On the background covered with stone, they will look great.

9Minimalist Prints

Two picture on the wall

It is a beautiful example of living room wall decor ideas list. If you love minimalist style, you can choose this kind of work in your home. Two simple pictures, black and white, on your wall.

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11Flower Pots on the Fireplace

White fireplace

Fireplaces are great for decoration. They both warm our room, make our home rich and easy to decorate. You can put lovely flower pots on the fireplace.

12Hanging Basket

Trend room wall decor

A nice room that have corner sofa in living room wall decor ideas list. Hanging basket may be a great decorating idea for your room. You can decorate this basket with different plants.

13Room Divider Panels

White and woods

Room divider panels can be in different colors and designs. You can use it to partition a large room. The Asian decoration style will probably suit your home.

14Wall-Mounted Flower Pots

Wall pots

Imagine decorating a corner of your room like this. Flower preferences are up to you. Colorful flowers can also be preferred. Even interesting design pots can be used.

15Long Image on Narrow Wall

Wall detail corner

An eye-catching idea. Paint a narrow wall in your room in a different color. Hang a long frame on this wall. Maybe it’s an artistic painting. The choice is yours.

16Rustic Cabin Look

tree wooden walls

Contrast is a common method in interior design. There is rustic wooden walls in a retro-style living room. Does this idea feel hot to you?

17Wall Clocks of Different Countries

three wall clocks

It’s like a scene out of movies. Like a room used in an artistic film. You can use multiple clocks on your wall too. These can show the times of different countries.

18Some Action

sweet wall decor

Tired of mediocrity? Looking for a difference in your home? It may be a good idea to add some movement to the look of your room. This type of wall painting can look crazy.

19Different Wall

soft wall decor

We continue to share living room wall decor ideas. You can paint a part of the wall in different colors. There may be an area in the center of the room. It will look beautiful when you decorate this wall.

20Behind the Sofa

simple wall decor room

Behind the sofa can be a great space for decorations. In this sample, they covered the back wall with wooden boards. For example, wallpaper can be used. Or a nice rug can be hung on the wall.

21Tiny Shelves

simple little decoration

You can give up symmetry. Position your shelves a little messy. Tiny shelves might look great in your room. A minimalist, natural and simple method.

22Using Maps

sample about living room wall decor

This is an interesting idea. A medium-sized map is used here. You can also choose a very large map. Aside from the city map, perhaps geographic maps can be very cute.

23Hanging Large Shelves

rustic walls

This is a really beautiful example of living room wall decor ideas gallery. There is a wall full decorated in rustic style. The striking point here is the hanging shelves. They were tied to the ceiling with thick ropes. Would you like something like this at home?

24Window Frame

rustic style wall decoration

This is a nice spring home decor example. Little flowers, plants, candles, all look lovely. You can decorate a wall of your room using a window frame.

25Same Color

room modern

Furniture of the same color as the wall can be preferred. This is an eye-catching idea that simplifies the room. Such a beautiful TV unit and modern decor, for example.

26Coastal Style

pots wall decor

This is a bright coastal style living room. In the corner of the room there is a side table and a stylish lamp. Just above it is a light brown wooden shelf. It is decorated with a few objects.

27On the Drawers

pink decor wall frame

It is not mandatory to use all the pictures on the wall. This is a great example of living room wall decor ideas. We can put the pictures on the drawers. It may have an elegantly designed vase next to it.

28Medieval Designs

old age style wall

These ornaments made by pouring into molds are generally used in interior designs. They have designs that reflect medieval architecture. You can also choose such a decor.

29Fun Corner Shelves

nice shelf decors

Vivid colors next to white. Maybe this is the trick. We can decorate the corner shelves with childish and fun objects. Let’s add some color to our room.

30Stylish Pictures

nice corner style

Many pastel colors blend perfectly with each other. The armchair in the center dominates the room. There are very stylish pictures on it. These are with the decoration style of the harmonious room.

31Painting by Street Artists

nature frame living room wall

A huge painting in the style of painting by street artists. Different themes can be selected. I think the nature theme looks very nice. It has vibrant and eye-catching colors.

32The Same Decor as The Ceiling

modern wall decor with wood

The ceiling and the wall form an integrity. We can do this with different building materials. In this example, wood is used. It can also be made with the same patterned paint. Or a beautiful wallpaper can be preferred.

33Original Design

modern tv unite

Who wouldn’t want such a beautifully designed wall furniture at home. You can use a specially designed TV unit in your living room. You can decorate it with small decorative items.

34Salon Style

minimalist wall decor woods

Here’s an interesting idea. Give your living room a spa salon look. The use of marble and wood together. A beautiful wall partition made with wooden slats. To give your home a spacious look.

35Big Candles

metal frame

What would we do without candles? They always help us with decoration. We can use candles in every room of the house. It can also be a good idea for wall decoration.

36Palace Style

luxury room walls

If you like Lux interior design, here is an eye-catching idea. Embossed and embroidered wall motifs. Golden yellow details. Who can say no to this wonderful living room.

37Decorative Tile Plates

lovely living room style

This is one of the great example of living room wall decor ideas list. Plates with motifs generally belong to Asian culture. This room is decorated according to the style of the summer house.

38Large Geometric Shapes

living room wall ideas

I love such colorful pictures. Large geometric shapes can look great on your wall. Choosing the right colors is also important, as in this room.

39Concrete Wall

living room wall decor soft

Let’s put the plaster and paint aside. Does the idea of a concrete wall look hot to you? Here is an example. It can be preferred in an industrial style room.

40Luminescent Picture

living room frame

What happens if we use a luminescent picture that glows in the dark? Doesn’t it look so beautiful under dim light? You can try this interesting idea.

41Artificial Flowers

little pots on wall

Flower care can be difficult for some of us. Especially if you have a lot of flowers in your home. In such a situation, we can choose artificial flowers. We can also use artificial flowers for living room wall decor.

42Pastel Colors

large room wall decor

A stylish, simple and spacious living room. It’s not crowded, it’s both modern and minimalist. Pastel colors can be preferred in the wall decor of such a room.

43Using Ladder

ladder decor for living room

If you are bored with ordinary ideas, this may be ideal for you. Find an old-looking wooden ladder. Clean it beautifully, maybe a little varnish. Then use it for decoration purposes.

44Ivy Plants

ivy plant decor

Ivy plants seem like a great idea. If you don’t like live flowers, you can use artificial plants. Ivy plants will give your room a natural look.

45Weird Decors

interesting wall decors

Finding a design like no one before. There seems to be an example here. A weird and original design, a decorative object that can be hung on the wall.

46Always Wall Painting

ideas about wall decor

No empty walls left in your room. Find a picture for all the walls. Some of them may be huge. Set a general indoor style. Let’s see what happens.


idea for wall living room

What is it like to use retro style letters? We can use letters as solid. Or it can be in a frame, in vector lines. The choice is up to you.

48Hanging Pots

hanging flower pot

This is not a new idea. But maybe you might not have thought. It may now be easier to mount the hanger pots on the ceiling. It may look very nice in your room.

49Guitar on Wall

guitar decor for walls

Here is one of the classic ideas in the living room wall decor list. Let’s add some energy to our room. Maybe it will make your face smile, maybe make you feel positive emotions. Hang a guitar on the wall.

50Black and Mustard

grey wall decoration

Black and mustard, have you ever used these two colors together before?Paint the wall in black. And use mustard colored decorative objects.

51The Power of Green

green living room walls

It takes courage to paint the walls in green. But maybe you need to be a little brave. As you can see in this example, the results are really good.

52Pebble Wall

gravel fireplace

Pebbles are found in stream beds. If the water flows, these stones take a round shape over time. It can be used indoors for decoration purposes. Don’t you think it looks beautiful?

53Full Wall Bookshelves

full wall bookshelves

Here is the idea of an intellectual appearance. Of course, you must have a lot of books to be able to make this idea. Make a complete bookcase on a wall in your room.

54Over the Fireplace

frames on fireplace

This area is the easiest to decorate. Here the style is up to you. Candlesticks, flowerpots, vases, frames, flowers … Too many objects can be preferred.

55Window Decoration

flowers on window

How about decorating the windows? Vintage design window frames look very beautiful. Nowadays such houses have decreased. We can put beautiful flowers in front of the window.

56Flowery Pattern

flower paint wall decor

Nice flowery pattern work. Sometimes you may not like the pictures you see outside. But it can look great on the wall of your room. A simple but nice idea.

57White and Brown

fireplace shelf decor

If you love rustic sitting room style, you should try these two colors. The walls can be white and the furniture can be wooden. These two colors will give your home both a refreshing and warm look.

58Patchwork Fabric

fabric wall decor

You can use fabric decoration on your walls. I love patchwork fabrics. Of course, different patterns can also be preferred. Colors and patterns are up to you.

59Patterned Stone Blocks

example about living room wall decoration

Patterned stone blocks are an interesting idea. There is a cold appearance in the room. But for those looking for a difference, let’s put this living room on our list.

60What We Find

eclectic wall decoration style

I call this style “what we find”. We hang whatever we find on the wall of the room. Frames, family photos, decorative objects, mirrors… Sometimes we can get a nice decor.

61Different Sizes

decorative items on the wall

This is a really nice wall decor. We can use different sizes of frames in our room. We can also try this technique on objects of the same kind.

62Abstract Artwork

day light living room

A small room and a warm welcome. There are wooden walls and old style curtains. A colorful abstract painting on the wall.

63Old Style

cozy corner pillow brown

It would be great to spend some time here. A very comfortable corner. It looks like castle rooms in ancient times. We can get ideas from wall decor.

64Modern Side

contemporary style walls

One wall of the room has a modern look. The rest of the room has a classic taste. It was a nice fit from contrast. We liked it and wanted it to be on our list.

65A Big Compass

compass wall decor

This is also an objectively idea. We can hang a big compass on the dominant wall of the room. It looks different, there may be likes.

66Flowing Painting

colorful paints

This is a great style and recently in trend. You can often find flowing painting videos on the social media. It can also be a nice choice for living room wall decor.

67Colorful Lanterns

colorful lanterns

These types of lanterns are generally used in outdoor decorations. Like country weddings, for example. But let’s try using lanterns for living room wall decor.

68Many Circles

circular wall decor idea

Basic shapes are important in designs. One of the most basic and eye-pleasing shapes is the circle. You can make beautiful designs with circle-shaped objects on your wall.

69Cartoon Style

cartoon style walls

Here is a crazy idea. Many of us like cartoons. We hang the posters on the walls. Why shouldn’t we do this kind of work in the living room?

70Vintage Style

cactus picture wall decoration

Here is another style we are passionate about. It reminds us a little of the old ones. Maybe we need to go back to old times. Let’s try the vintage style.

71Brick Columns

brick style walls

Nowadays, there are brick wall coverings. We can decorate the columns in the living room with such material. This gave the room a very nice look.

72Brick Fireplace

brick fireplace

A large brick fireplace is ideal for the living room. It is both decorative and useful. If you have a detached house, you can try this idea.

73Thick Frames

blue wall decoratin

You can choose thick frames for your pictures on the wall. It can be wooden or carved old style. How beautiful it looks in the example.

74Nature Corner

blue wall decor

Who doesn’t love nature? We now live far from nature in city life. But we can make one side of our room a nature corner. We can use nature-themed objects.

75Metal Decors

blue and black room

Nowadays very trendy metal decor objects. Black metal clocks, metal wall frames. You can also make an design in this example.

76Industrial Style

black white decor

The industrial style frames of these mirrors are really good. They look like a machine gear. A good example for those who love this style.

77One Photo in Three Part

big wall pictures

This is a beautiful photo. It looked interesting that it was included in three parts. Such photos are now in very trendy home decors. You can try it too.

78Beautiful Curtains

beautiful curtains

A kind of wall decoration can also be made with beautiful curtains. In the photo above, we see a very nice example. Different designs can be considered in this regard.

79Arrow Shaped Decorative Items

arrow decorative item for walls

This is a very simple and minimalist style. It has an elegant appearance. Arrow shaped decorative items. Maybe a bow can be hung next to it.

80Migratory Birds

apartment lounge

Birds remind us of freedom. Bird pictures can cause us to have positive emotions. In particular, migratory birds are more beautiful. You can try it for living room wall decoration too.

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