81 Living Room Wall Decoration Ideas


Do you need good examples of wall decor? We found 81 living room wall decoration ideas in this photo gallery. Here are examples with different styles that can be applied to make your room beautiful.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.


Living room wall decor ideas

In a white living room, a bookcase with an open shelving system can fill the background without spoiling the clean and elegant atmosphere.


Living room wall decoration

In a living room with lots of vertical and horizontal, symmetrical lines, you can arrange the picture frames in an asymmetrical way to counter-balance everything.

9Simple but Effective

Living room wall decor photos

For a beautiful wall decor in a simple living room, a few picture frames hung far away from each other, fills the space on the wall without cluttering it.

12Art Prints

Living room wall decoration ideas

Art prints chosen in the accent colors of the room, can add to the atmosphere and even become the focal point of the space.

15Built-in Shelves

Ways to decorate walls in living room

We continue to list nice living room wall decor ideas. Built-in shelves always come in handy, especially in small areas to add depth to the room without making it feel smaller.


Living room wall decor tips

Whether it is modern, industrial or classic, a big clock on the wall may be enough to change the ambiance of a living room without much effort.


Living room wall decor

Since the eclectic style allows you to be free with your choices, you can mix and match many frames in different shapes and sizes with colorful artworks to design a collage.

24Get Innovative

Wall decor ideas for living rooms

When it comes to wall decoration, you don’t need to go for the traditional ways of decorating it. Sticking books on the wall may sound awful but it looks amazing in a little reading corner.


Vintage wall decor ideas for living rooms

In a luxurious, somewhat vintage living room, an arched, built-in bookcase would be great for displaying decorative items or books in a fashionable way.

30Contemporary Style

Contemporary wall decor ideas for living rooms

In a contemporary style living room wall decor, abstract artworks are no doubt the most profound way of adding character and soul to the space.

33Wood Panels

Living room wall decors

To design a focal point in a living room, wood panels may be used from top to bottom. It could be left blank or decorated with prints and artworks if you wish, depending on the style of your place.


Living room wall decor with plants

If you want to decorate your walls with subtle touches, you can always put plants in front of it in different sizes to enrich the fresh and simplistic atmosphere.


Living room wall decorating ideas

In a gray living room, monochrome prints are an amazing choice to brighten up the space without adding color. Mixing realist and abstract pieces together also helps to add variety, making it a beautiful collage.


Wall design ideas for living rooms

Mirrors have always been the much-preferred way of decorating walls. In a small living room, a large mirror can make all the difference, making it look larger. Small mirrors are also great to reflect light and make the space brighter.

45Tall Objects

Living room wall decor images

In order not to damage your walls, you can opt for tall objects in front of a wall like big picture frames on top of dressers, bookshelves, mirrors or plants to fill in the space.

48Green Living Rooms

Green wall decor in living room

In a room with a green accent wall, having white, built-in bookshelves are a great way to balance the colors in contrast and add dimension to the place without making the room smaller in size.

51Short Bookcases

Living room wall decoration with bookcases

Instead of having a dresser or tall bookcases, prefer short bookcases and utilize the empty space on top to showcase your decorative items and artworks. Two birds with one stone!


Industrial wall decor ideas for living rooms

Matte, black, metal bookcases are the signature of an industrial style living room. Decorating them with lots of plants can bring color naturally to the room without being hard on the eyes.

57Picture Frames in Collage

Living room wall decor example with frames

Making collages out of picture frames is very popular lately. Art prints chosen in accent colors can make the room inviting and larger when arranged correctly.


Beautiful living room wall decor

Wallpapers are great option for living room wall decoration. Wallpapers are the forgotten elements of decoration in the modern era. A wallpaper of your choice can bring in the color and atmosphere you like, acting as a big artwork, becoming the signature object of your living room.

63Go Crazy

Modern wall decor ideas for living rooms

Going crazy in decoration can be scary but worth the effort. An old, vintage, red bike can easily become a decorative item displayed in front a blank wall and draw all the attention to itself. Sometimes there are no right or wrongs, it simply fits well.

66Decorated Bookcases

Wall decoration ideas for living rooms

Bookcase decoration is as much important to the wall decoration as everything else. Choosing interesting items to display on a simplistic bookcase can be a good option to utilize the blank background to bring out all the objects you love.

69Your Favorite Photos

How to decorate walls in living rooms

Wall decoration does not have to be painful. Just choose your all-time favorite photos that you took, frame and hang them in a collage. They do not only look beautiful, but they are also meaningful to you.

72High and Low

Living room wall design ideas

If you prefer to decorate the upper half of the wall on one side, decorate the lower part on the other side to balance things out across the wall.

75Rustic Vibes

Rustic wall decor ideas for living rooms

In a rustic living room, hanging swings can be great to decorate the walls. Additional plants, mirrors and frames can also enhance the overall vibe.

77No Limits

Beautiful wall decor ideas for living rooms

There are no limits to wall decorations. Built-in shelves, open shelving units or decorative wall panels can all be incorporated together to bring life to a living room without using a lot of furniture.

78Open Shelves

Wall decor with shelves in living room

Open shelves are great for minimalist living rooms due to their simplistic nature. A few objects are more than enough to decorate it, keeping it fairly empty and elegant.


How to decorate living room walls

Fireplaces themselves can be a decorative option. Using only the frame of an old, vintage fireplace is a beautiful way of showcasing artworks and plants while the fireplace itself enriches the decoration even more.

80Bookshelf Decor

Living room wall decor pictures

Bookshelves do not have to store books only. Carefully chosen decorative items in accent colors or even artworks can be displayed on a bookshelf.


Living room wall decor examples

Painting a portion of a wall with blackboard paint is a great idea to paint your own artworks or designate an area for your kids to play around freely. In either case, it is a fun way of decorating your walls.