10 Living Room Lighting Ideas


The lighting in a living room can change the entire atmosphere and make the room look bigger or smaller according to how it is used. These 10 living room lighting ideas will cover the basics for you.


Ways to light the living room

Chandeliers is one of the best living room lighting ideas. Chandeliers provide the main ambiance in a room, sometimes becoming the focal point of a room on their own due to their splendor. Therefore, it is important to choose a chandelier that is in correct size compared to the room itself. It should also be noted that a chandelier needs to carry on the specific style of the room and the decor objects need to be in accordance with the chandelier.

2Floor Lamps

Popular living room lighting ideas

Floor lamps are usually used in task lighting, to be more specific, they are important for specific purposes like reading. They are also great alternatives when in need of dimming the lights or to provide supporting lighting in addition to the other sources of light. Choosing the right style of floor lamp that does not only match the style of the room but also the style of other light fixtures is very important.

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Living room lighting examples

Pendants play a big role in decoration as they are not simply sources of light, but they are also visually attracting the eye. It is important to not overuse them as they can make a living room look big or small depending on how they are used.

5Wall Lights

Living room lighting ideas

Walls lights are the accent lights, used for specific purposes like drawing attention to a much-appreciated artwork or a bookcase full of carefully collected books. Wall lights are also perfect to design a beautiful atmosphere to relax or to spend quality time with your significant other.

6Recessed Lighting

Lighting ideas for living rooms

Recessed lights have the potential to make a room look clean, pristine and big when they are used throughout the room since they increase the amount of light in a space. Recessed lights can also be used moderately to highlight artworks on a wall or any other feature that needs to be showcased.

7Flush-Mount Ceiling Lights

Living room lighting tips

We continue to share lighting ideas for living rooms. Flush-mount ceiling lamps are perfect for living rooms with low ceilings in order not to make the space even smaller with large light fixtures. Flush-mount ceiling lights are also great for the busy rooms of a house since it allows them to be well-lit for any activity that one may do.

8Table Lamps

Inspiring living room lighting ideas

Table lamps are also accent lights that are used for specific purposes such as for a certain ambiance or to illuminate a certain area while changing the atmosphere altogether when used on its own.

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10Desk Lamps

Using desk lamps in living rooms

Desk lamps are the most functional and effective lighting choice for a place that does not receive enough sunlight or for those who study or work at night time, providing enough light for the work to be done at any time, under any circumstances.

11Large Windows

How to light living room

It may be an obvious one, but it is also the one most overlooked. Large windows allow the sunlight shine through, filling every corner in a room, providing natural source of light which cannot even be compared to any other artificial light source.

12Light Colors

Living room lighting guide

Light colors used in a living room reflect the light that is shining through, distributing it evenly and making the room look much brighter than it is, therefore being an amazing trick to use when it comes to lighting.

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