55 Living Room Ideas


Decorating a living room in a home can be challenging and frustrating. Therefore, it is important to collect ideas and draw inspiration from different sources in order to come up with your own idea and style. In this huge list, we have carefully chosen 55 living room ideas for you to be inspired from.

1White Background Bold Colors

Living room ideas
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White is the perfect background color to use when decorating a living room especially if bold colors will be used. A bright blue sofa as the signature object in a completely white living room would bring character to it.

2Minimal and Eclectic

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A minimalist living room can also be eclectic. Not every item of decoration has to match each other in terms of style. Metals mixed with woods, neutrals mixed with warm and cool colors can end up looking amazing and unique at the same time.

3Vintage Blues and Pinks

Living room decor ideas

Vintage living rooms are known with their neutral color schemes however, you can always use one or two central objects that are colorful to design a contrast, and balance the washed out look of the naturals with the soft and cozy colors.

4Contemporary Style Meets Patterns

Contemporary living rooms

Don’t miss these 15 contemporary living room ideas, if you love this room decor.

Contemporary style living rooms are great bases for incorporating any color or pattern to make the room look a lot cozier and more inviting. The patterns or the colors do not have to match, just go with the flow and see what happens.

5The Sophisticated Black

Black living room

Here are really beautiful rooms with black decors in our 15 black living room ideas.

Black is an amazing color to be used as the accent because it brings depth to the room. Black, leather sofas added to a neutral living room with wooden details, would make it immediately look sophisticated and elegant.

6Different Style and Color

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Sometimes one object in contrast to the rest of the room with its style and color can make all the difference that is needed to give it a soul. One soft blue, vintage armchair can look amazing in a white, contemporary living room.

7Cozy with Neutrals

Cozy living rooms

How to make a room cozy? We have listed 20 cozy living room ideas for you.

Neutral color scheme used in decoration of a living room designs a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Details such as a fireplace, plants or items with personality like a piano would make it even more inviting and homely.

8Blue Yet Modern

Blue living room design

Don’t miss our 15 blue living room ideas, if you like to use blue color in your home.

Modern living rooms are allowed to have some color too. A bold color such as a dark blue can be used on the walls as the base of a modern living room while the rest of the objects are in black and white, contrasting and complementing each other and the room at the same time.

9Small Ideas, Big Chances

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Brick-like wall panels installed on a wall in a contemporary living room can change the whole vibe of it by adding character and dimension with its color and texture.

10Modern and Wooden Beauty

Modern living room design

Do you like the photo above? You can check our 30 modern living room ideas for more similar rooms.

A modern living room does not need to be all decorated with metals and stones. Unpainted wood used moderately as the accent is enough to make a modern living room look warm. A few touches made with warm tones around the place would also support the wooden details and make it even more inviting.

11Cabin Comfort of Rustic

Rustic living room pictures

If you have no idea about rustic decoration style, we recommend our 15 rustic living room ideas for more examples.

Rustic style goes amazingly well with living rooms that need to feel comfortable and warm especially in cold winter days. Natural wood used all around the space along with the neutral color schemes and a fireplace are all you need.

12Do Not Be Afraid

Living room design ideas
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If you love bold colors, do not be afraid to use them as the main color in a living room. The key to it is to choose a contrasting color. For a blue painted room with blue furniture, white floors and a white fireplace are an amazing way to design a flow between the two.

13Bring Fun with Curtains

Beautiful living room curtain ideas

We have prepared a huge list of 30 living room curtain ideas that will inspire you.

In a living room decorated with neutral colors, patterned curtains with subtle colors on them would easily change the ambiance of the room and make it livelier and fun without much effort.

14Bookshelves as Wall Decor

Living room wall decor ideas

If you are interested in wall decorations, just check our 30 living room wall decor ideas for beautiful examples.

Instead of paintings, you can opt for huge bookshelves that go well with the style of your living room to decorate your walls. Using open shelving units with brick walls as the backdrop would add depth and allow you to display décor objects to personalize the space.

15Choosing Furniture for Your Needs

Furniture ideas for living room

Don’t miss these 20 living room furniture ideas that will help in the furniture choices.

Knowing your lifestyle and choosing the furniture in a living room accordingly can make the experience of living a lot easier and functional for you. For example, if you love to throw parties or invite friends, you might want to consider getting nesting tables in addition to a coffee table.

16Harmony of Brown and Cream

Brown living room ideas

Just visit our 15 brown living room ideas gallery for more and better examples.

Brown is a warm and comforting color that goes amazingly well with neutral colors such as cream. A living room that has a cream base and dark brown, wooden furniture looks luxurious and elegant while feeling very clean and calm.

17Open and Clean Minimalist

Minimalist living room design

You must see these 15 minimalist living room ideas. We have put together amazing rooms in this gallery.

Using simplistic furniture that are raised high from the ground with simple legs enhances the clean and clutter-free atmosphere of a minimalist living room while only having a few décor items around.

18Cushions are Life Savers

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A living room that has a neutral color scheme can be revived back to life with simple changes such as changing the colors and the patterns of cushions on the sofa. Warm or soft colors along with geometrical patterns can give the room the life it needs.

19Black and Yellow

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Yellow as a bright and happy color complements black so well that even a single yellow armchair used in a black living room changes the whole look of the space while adding it a masculine characteristic.

20Tricks to Luxury

Living room interior design ideas

To make a living room look more luxurious, you can use lost of shiny metals as the accents in the room while using furniture with clean and sharp edges in silver-like color scheme to give it a futuristic look.

21Small but Open Spaces

Small living room pictures

We have shared ways to decorate a small room in our list of 20 small living room ideas.

Small living rooms can be made to look bigger and open by choosing neutral and light colors in decoration such as white, beige or gray, allowing the sunlight to reflect. Also, putting the furniture against the wall on one side of the room leaves the middle open, making it look larger.

22Simple and Elegant Scandinavian

Scandinavian living room

If your favorite style is scandinavian, just look at these 15 scandinavian living room ideas.

Scandinavian style is very elegant due to its simplistic nature and the generous use of unpainted wood. Instead of adding color to the room, you can add patterns and textures to bring some life and fun to the space.

23Simplistic, Industrial Bookshelves

Bookshelf decor

If you have bookshelves in your room, you surely check our 10 bookshelf decor ideas.

Black, metal, open bookshelves are the perfect option to decorate both minimalist and industrial living rooms. Its open and simple nature allows décor objects to be displayed, adding character to the room itself.

24Green Against Monochrome

Modern green living room

Green is one of the best color for home decor. You may like these 15 green living room ideas.

A monochrome, modern living room can be boring sometimes. However, you can still add color to bring it back to life. A green, modern couch can adapt to the room with its style while standing out with its color, designing the perfect balance that is needed.

25Fun Patterns Can Look Luxurious

House living room ideas

In a luxurious living room, fun patterns like stripes can be used on sofas or cushions to personalize the room and to introduce a bit of a color without disturbing the sophisticated ambiance.

26All Over White

White living room interior design

This room really beautiful. You can check our 15 white living room ideas for more.

A white living room is dreamy however it can be overwhelming. Introducing neutral colors like soft gray or different patterns and textures can help to layer things out to warm up the cold look.

27Luxurious and Futuristic

Luxury living room
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We have put together wonderful rooms in our 20 luxury living rooms gallery.

Golden metal accents are the key to turn a mediocre living room into a luxurious one in no time. Choosing furniture with sharp and clean lines with minimal designs can also add to the luxurious look and also make everything look futuristic.

28Classic Style with Neutrals

Interior living room ideas
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A classic style living room gains its beauty through neutral color schemes. Combining white with beige and soft gray would give the room a clean, cozy and homely feeling while still looking elegant.

29Yellow Accents Bring Joy

Yellow living room decor
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Is is a vibrant color that show your room beautiful. You can visit our 15 yellow living room ideas for more examples.

In a living room that has a mostly neutral base, using yellow accents immediately changes the atmosphere and bring joy and brightness to the space, rescuing the room from being boring and dark.

30Large Living Room Ideas

Large living room images

Don’t miss these 11 large living room ideas to see gorgeous room designs.

Large living rooms may look empty if not designed properly. Using big chandeliers and high furniture and tall plants allows the room look much collected by filling the empty space in between the ceiling and the floor.

31Fresh Flowers as Accents

Living room ideas and designs

In a luxurious living room designed with soft and pastel colors, using fresh flowers would complement the color scheme while adding a bit more color and liveliness to the ambiance and make it come to life.

32Eclectic Style Combined with Scandinavian

Eclectic living room

If you have no ideas about eclectic style, you surely visit 15 eclectic living room ideas.

White walls and wooden floors are the fundamentals of the Scandinavian style. Using different styled furniture on that base could turn the room into an eclectic one while still looking sleek and simplistic.

33Royalty of Purple

Purple living room
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The purple color adds rich look to the rooms. You can see more examples in 15 purple living room ideas list.

A room with a neutral base can always be made into a sophisticated and an elegant one with the color purple. Dark purple contrasts the neutrals and thus adds dimension to the room when it is used in the accents such as curtains and cushions.

34The Lighting Matters

Lighting ideas for living rooms
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Do you need little inspiration? Don’t forget to check these 10 living room lighting ideas.

Using the right kind of lighting is important in designing a specific ambiance. Lamp shades are perfect for reading corners or dim nights while wall mounted lights are great for highlighting certain areas or paintings.

35Soft Colors Can Be Powerful

Living room ideas images
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In a neutral based living room, using soft colors like pastel yellow, blue or pink can bring life to the room and change its atmosphere into a calm or energized one, which ever you wish, without spoiling the neutrals.

36Functional Corners, Not Empty

White living room corner ideas
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How do we decorate empty corners in our rooms? Here are great 15 living room corner ideas.

Empty corners in a living room can be frustrating at times. A reading corner with a comfy armchair, a floor lamp and a bookshelf would be perfect to fill that empty space and make it functional.

37Sophisticated Grey Base

Classic grey living room

Don’t miss our 15 grey living room ideas, if you love grey in your home.

A grey base for a living room designs the perfect canvas that is subtle yet sophisticated, allowing any colors to interact with it. From a minimalist room to a classic one, grey complements each style easily with almost no effort.

38Traditional Living Rooms

Antique traditional living room
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We have selected beautiful examples in our gallery of 15 traditional living room ideas.

A traditional living room can also become eclectic through the use different styles such as vintage and classic together, making the space look luxurious and classy.

39Apartment Decoration Can Be Tricky

Apartment living room

How to decorate an apartment room? Here are 25 apartment living room ideas that will inspire you.

In small apartments, decoration has an important role. Having a simplistic approach is the best. While it is ideal to keep the base neutral, adding a touch of color with a few furniture or accents is a great option to bring life to it.

40Don’t Forget the Coffee Table Decor

Coffee table decoration
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Do you need some inspiration? Just visit our 15 coffee table decor ideas.

Coffee table decor is a small detail that brings everything together. Try to use different sized objects that are made of different materials to design a collage that reflects the overall style of the living room itself.

41Leather Sofa Elegance

Living room ideas that inspire you
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In any living room with any style, using a leather sofa with neutral colors changes the atmosphere into a more sophisticated, elegant and luxurious one. Combining it with shiny metals in gold and neutral accents enhances the look even more.

42No Carpet for Bigger Rooms

Great living room ideas

In a minimalist style living room, using no rugs or carpet is a good idea to enhance the simplistic look and make the room feel larger by allowing the hardwood floors to cover the entire space if that is the effect you wish.

43Red is Bold but Fun

Red living room decor
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Are you ready to use red in your room? Here are wonderful 15 red living room ideas for you.

Red is a bold color that is best when used as the accent color in a room to give off a passionate vibe. A red sofa can easily become the statement object in a neutral based living room, drawing all the attention to itself.

44Unpainted Wood in Country

Country living room

There is a beautiful content about this decor style: 15 country living room ideas.

Country style living room can be enriched with the use of unpainted wooden furniture and details used all around the space that are combined with neutral colors that complement the woods, making it cozier.

45Pastel Yellow Walls

Different living room ideas
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Painting a living room that is mainly decorated with neutral colors with pastel yellow can change the ambiance into a happy and fun one without disturbing the overall calming and cozy effect of the room.

46Pink and Pink

Pink living rooms
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Ready to add a sweet color to your room? Here are beautiful 15 pink living room ideas.

Pink does not have to belong to the kids’ room. Using different shades of pink with different patterns and textures can actually design a living room that is calming and dreamy.

47The Classy and Elegant Industrial

Industrial living room photos

For more photos about industrial style, you can check these 15 industrial living room ideas.

Brick walls, matte, black metals and black couches used in an industrial living room make it look sleek and elegant while the exposed pipes and construction details add character.

48Coffee Table Decoration

Living room decorating ideas

Plants, candle holders and books are only a few décor objects that can be used on top of coffee tables to support the whole atmosphere of the room by using the right style, material and color in the accents and give off the vibe that is targeted.

49Plants Are Decor Objects Too

Plant decor in living room

How to make a room beautiful with plants? Here are 15 plant decoration ideas for living rooms.

Using plants in cute planters that are matching the style of the living room does not only bring things together but also naturally adds color to the space without disturbing the overall harmony.

50Blues and Patterns in Coastal

Coastal living rooms
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We have shared beautiful similar rooms in 15 coastal living room ideas gallery.

Coastal style gains its character through the usage of blue and white together as the main colors while different patterns and textures enhance the beach vibes even more.

51Curtains Can Chance the Ambiance

Lovely living room ideas
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While airy curtains enhance the light and calm vibes of a space, choosing different colored curtains can help to add a hint of color to the overall look, filtering the light coming through.

52Fireplaces in Different Styles

Beautiful fireplaces

If you have no idea what to do with fireplaces, you can check our 25 fireplace ideas.

Fireplaces have their own unique styles that can complete the style of a living room. From a traditional one to a modern, with its color and material use, a fireplace can enhance the atmosphere of any room while also adding warmth for a cozy effect.

53Dealing with Long Rooms

Long living room pictures

If you have a long room, just click our 10 long living room ideas for more inspiration.

Long living rooms need to be dealt with correctly for the right effect. Separating a long room into different areas is the best option to make the room feel spacious.

54Same Color Family

House and home living room ideas
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Using different colors in different shades from the same color family can design an interesting but harmonious look.

55Beautiful and Elegant Grey

Beautiful living room images

Don’t miss these 25 beautiful living rooms, if you like the room above.

Incorporating different shades of grey in a living room against white accents is a pool-proof way of decorating a beautiful living room that looks elegant and up to date.