20 Living Room Furniture Ideas


Choosing the right furniture in right colors and styles is important, however, knowing how to place and utilize them is even more important to design a place that feels like home and looks amazing. If you need help to place your furniture correctly or to fill in blank spaces in your living room, these 20 living room furniture ideas are what you need to draw inspiration from.

1An Armchair in a Different Color

Living room furniture guide

Instead of going for the same color scheme in all of the seating pieces, choose the armchair in a different color to stand out from the rest.

2Rocking Chairs Do Not Belong to the Past

Best living room furniture ideas

In a contemporary living room, an armchair put in a corner would add to the relaxed and comfortable air of the space, while waking up the child in you.

3Designing a Nook with a Hanging Armchair

Living room furniture choices

A hanging chair put in a corner with dim lights, plants and a bookcase around can design the perfect nook to indulge in books and go on adventures.

4Try Putting the Sofa Asymmetrical

Living room furniture ideas

Not everything in a living room has to be symmetrically placed. Try putting the sofa diagonally to design an extraordinary look and therefore, make it the focal point of the room.

5Corner Sofas Are for Weird Corners

Cozy living room furniture ideas

Weird corners in a living room, that one does not know how to deal with, are the perfect spots for corner sofas not only to fill the space but also add functionality.

6A Bench Can Change Everything

Different living room furniture ideas

We continue to share furniture ideas for living rooms. A bench placed in front of a window, decorated with pillows make up a cute little corner for you or for your cat to sit and enjoy the view.

7Coffee Tables Can Function as Storage

Furniture ideas for living rooms

In a small living room, a coffee table with storage options is a great idea to maximize the functionality while looking good.

8A Side Table Is A Good Idea

Trend furniture for living rooms

Side tables come in handy to put your coffee mug or the book you are reading. They also come in all shapes and sizes. One that looks like a little bookcase is a great option to store some of your belongings.

9End Tables Fill the Space Beautifully

Furniture types for living rooms

If there are blank spaces around the sofa that needs filling, end tables are always the best option to do it in style while adding functionality.

10What About Tv Trays?

Furniture ideas for living room

Tv trays are not mentioned or used that often but they can save the day for those who have guests all the time, providing extra surface area to put drinks and plates on.

11A Tv Stand to Design A Media Center

Living room furniture examples

Tv stands are great options to put everything tv related like DVD players or speakers to design your very own media center without needing to worry about cable clutter.

12Bookshelves Fit Perfectly into Corners

Different furniture ideas for living rooms

Here is a great furniture idea. Bookshelves are great to fill the corners, and they do not only hold books but also plants, boxes and decorative items, meeting your needs while looking amazing.

13Use Cabinets for Storage

Using furniture in living room

Try using cabinets if you have lots of items that need storage space to store them in style and out of sight.

14Coffers Are More Than Just A Storage Space

Living room furniture samples

A huge coffer put right in front of a big window can be used as a diwan with lots of decorative pillows on top instead of using a traditional sofa, making the space look unique and stylish.

15Decorative Wall Shelves

Living room furniture wall shelves

Wall shelves are not only designed to hold books. Using them solely for decorative purposes is a great way to bring life to a room with decor items on top.

16A Work Corner Instead of A Home Office

Living room furniture types

In small spaces, having a home office may be difficult. A desk put in a corner that receives the sunlight is a great alternative to designate an area to do your work.

17Stylish Table Chairs in Different Colors

Useful furniture ideas for living rooms

Table chairs do not have to match each other. Different colored table chairs may be a good idea to add a fun touch and find order in what looks like chaos.

18Plants Need Their Space Just Like You Do

Furniture choices for living rooms

A plant stand put in the perfect place that receives enough sunlight is a good way of designating an area for your much-loved plants and, also to display them proudly.

19Stools Can Multifunction

All living room furniture ideas

Another beautiful living furniture idea is stool. A stool put in a small living room can be used as an end table to hold decor items, but they can also turn into extra seating options when in need.

20Footstools for Relaxing Times

Which furniture is the best in living room

Footstools put in front of armchairs are the perfect resting place for your feet after a long day to rest and enjoy a hot drink with a good book.

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