30 Living Room Curtain Ideas


Curtains add character to a living room, making it look homely and inviting while being functional. The important thing to know is how to choose and use them. These 30 living room curtain ideas and patterns hopefully will give you some insight.

1Contemporary Style in Color

Curtain ideas for living rooms

In a simple contemporary living room with subtle colors in base, using colorful patterns or designs on a plain background is enough to bring life to the room.

2Soft Colors Added to Pale Rooms

Living room curtain ideas

Consider adding curtains in soft colors in a mostly pale room dominated by whites and grays to improve the spirits of the place without spoiling the calming effect. Textures like sateen and velvet can also help to enrich the overall look and make it elegant.

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4Laid-Back Rustic Look

Popular living room curtain ideas

In a contemporary or even modern living room, using plaid design on the curtains along with subtle colors can easily blend in with the style while providing a solid backdrop which gives off easy-going, inviting vibes.

5Modern Rustic in Need of Color

Curtain ideas for living room

Modern yet rustic style living rooms may sometimes be cold-looking and not so inviting with monochrome color scheme. The curtain patterns can become the icebreakers when chosen in bright, warm colors that mimic nature such as yellow, bringing the happy aura into your room.

6Solid Curtains in Complementary Colors

Green living room curtain

Curtains do not have to be lightweight and airy all the time. Using thick fabric and rich colors that complement the color scheme of the room is a great way to fill the space and design a homely environment.

7Even the Curtains Can Be Graceful

Living room curtain design ideas

In a simplistic living room, curtain designs that are light in base and have floral designs on top which include the accent colors used throughout the place, gracefully brings everything together.

8Decide the Mood with the Colors

Modern living room curtain ideas

Any living room curtain with a solid color would complement a living room that is white in base. All you have to do is choose the mood that you’d like to bring in to the atmosphere. Colors like yellow would not only go with the white base but also immediately change the overall vibe and bring warmth to the room.

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10Prints on Curtains May Not Be A Bad Idea

Living room curtain pictures

In a living room with minimum amount of colors mixed subtly on a plain base, curtains with prints may be useful to add some variety to the general look.

11Traditional Homes Can Pull Off Colorful Curtains

Living room curtain patterns

A traditional living room can be completed with colors used in moderate amount on curtains along with elegant floral designs to mix it with some classic elements.

12Dark Rooms Bright Curtains

Living room curtain color ideas

In a black living room, using bright colors can make or break the whole style. Instead of going with typical white curtains, go with teal curtains with almost invisible patterns to design a unique look.

13Make A Living Room Elegant

Elegant living room curtain ideas

Curtain styles in off-white colors with floral embroidery on top as the only design element effortlessly add an elegant touch to a living room.

14Modern Style Looks Amazing in Color

Curtain color ideas for living rooms

In a mostly white, modern living room, colors may be needed to get rid of the boring look. To avoid chaos, colors can be simply added through curtains with geometrical patterns to paint a background supporting all the main elements and the accents.

15Curtains That Glitz

Living room curtain examples

In a living room that is styled with very subtle and simple colors, going for a glimmering curtain texture and color can amp up the overall look.

16Floral Designs for Spring

Living room curtain designs

Curtains are accessories that can easily be changed in a living room. In order to feel the spring vibes in your place, use the fool-proof way which is the floral-patterned curtains.

17Naturally Adding Color

Living room curtain pattern ideas

With various flower designs on curtains, you can naturally add color to any living room with any style without having any problem.

18Coastal Style Blues

Coastal style living room curtain

We continue to share beautiful living room curtain ideas. With its whites and blues, having curtains matching that very color-scheme of a coastal style living room is a simple matter. A little trick you can do to enrich the place is to choose a pattern, like sea-shells, matching the beach vibes.

19Matching Accents and Curtains

Living room curtain photos

In a living room with minimalistic colors and style, adding color through curtains is a good idea while supporting it with matching pillow cases to design a flow throughout the space without going over the top.

20The Comfortable Look

Living room curtain images

Choosing simple curtains that does not have much color or patterns is a great way to enhance the comfortable and cozy feelings of a living room.

21Warm Tones Warming the Space

Scandinavian living room curtain ideas

A living room can become warm and inviting with the right colors. A Scandinavian living room can turn into a fun and welcoming place with plain orange curtains which become the focal point of the place.

22Curtains Have Accents Too

Beautiful living room curtain ideas

Even though it is not frequently used, curtains with lots of colors and patterns can be combined with plain curtains to balance it out, making it look interesting yet collected.

23Bohemian Vibes

Bohemian living room curtain

A living room with lots of bohemian elements can pull off a curtain with a plain base and lots of colorful plants on top, giving off the flower child feelings.

24Geometrical Shapes

Living room curtain colors

Geometrical shapes used as design patterns on curtains with colors that are complementary to each other can brighten up any space, matching the modern era style living rooms.

25Velvet Black Elegance

Contemporary living room curtain ideas

Using solid velvet black curtains against a white living room, provides background to showcase the furniture in the room and also to enrich the ambiance by adding elegance to it.

26Colorful Rooms Need Subtle Curtains

Curtain examples for living rooms

When there are colors used in a living room through furniture, it is best to keep the curtains as subtle as possible while adding only the hints of the color scheme to bind everything together.

27Dark Gray Meets Royal Dark Purple

Dark color living room curtain

A dark gray room is the perfect canvas to use dark purple on since they naturally complement each other so beautifully. The rich dark purple color adds an elegant touch and can be used with any style whether it is easy-going or luxurious.

28Incorporating the Color Scheme

Inspiring living room curtain samples

Instead of choosing contrasting colors, you can go for using the same color family of the color that is used on the walls and throughout the living room with its light and dark shades to design a harmony.

29Classic Beauty

Classic living room curtain ideas

In a classic living room, choosing light brown curtains is a good idea to contrast the pale colors used in furniture and to complement the wooden furniture in the space while keeping with the classic look.

30Plaid Blue

Blue living room curtain

The calmness of blue is the perfect company for the comfortable-looking plaid pattern used on curtains to design a place to relax and wind down.

31Lines Used on Curtains

Living room curtain samples

Using vertical and horizontal lines as patterns on curtains can help to make the illusion that the room is larger than it is, allowing the lines work for your advantage especially in a small living room.

32Mix Class with Plaid

Black living room curtain example

Combining different styles in decoration can end up in a great overall look. A classic-looking leather armchair looks perfect in contrast to plaid curtains while they only have black in common.

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