How to Decorate Empty Corners in Living Rooms?


Corners in any living room may be one of the most difficult areas to decorate without going over the top. How to decorate empty corners in living rooms? While a reading corner with an armchair would be the most classic way to go, there are a few different things you can do to utilize and decorate such a space which are all presented to you in this list of 15 living room corner ideas.

1Retreat Corner

Living room corner ideas

In a country style room, putting a classic armchair in the corner along with a side table and a few books around would immediately turn that empty space into a cozy one.


Living room corner decoration

A comfortable armchair decorated with soft blankets and puffy pillows is a great way to design a corner for yourself to either watch tv or read magazines and books.


Living room corner decor

Bookcases are perfect for empty corners due to their clean and sharp lines. With a few decorative items, the previously blank corner will gain a character.

4Decorative Corners

Beautiful living room corner ideas

Corners do not have to be functional all the time. Putting a divider as a backdrop and placing racks along with frames and plants on top would design a cute little space that will catch the eye.

5Going All White

White living room corner ideas

In a white living room, a white bookcase, a white floor lamp and a white, comfy armchair is all you need to designate a reading area that will encourage almost anyone to read more with its clean and airy look.

6Rustic Workshop

Rustic living room corner decor

If you are a person who is into crafts, you can put a desk and baskets full of materials to make yourself a corner where you can practice your craft and personalize it however you like.


Living room corner design

Dressers fill empty spaces perfectly. While looking stylish and allowing to display any decorative object on top, it also functions as a storage unit for the knickknacks you want to be hidden away.

8Pink and Blue

Blue living room corner ideas

We continue to share beautiful living room corner ideas. In a dreamy and cute living room with blue painted walls and pink decorations all over, white metal chairs would be amazing additions to any corner along with comfy pillows and cute d├ęcor items.

9Oldies but Goodies

Corner ideas for living rooms

Old chests or old wooden furniture that are either picked from a thrift store or given to you from your grandparents would be amazing choices to display in a special corner holding a bunch of sentimental items.

10Contrasting Corner

Ways to decorate empty corners in living rooms

Corners can be painted in contrasting colors compared to the rest of the room to bring attention to the empty space, giving the illusion that it is filled. Bright colored armchairs placed right in between the different colored walls would help to tie them together.


Empty corner ideas for living rooms

In a traditional living room, china cabinets are the perfect furniture pieces to put in the corner to showcase your beautiful china collection.


Corner decor ideas for living room

A minimalist living room does not have to have blank corners. You can always put a simplistic armchair with some plants around to design a zen yet comfy little area for yourself.

13Plant Corner

Corner design ideas for living rooms

For someone who likes to have lots of plants in their living room, a corner designated to holding all sorts of plants would be a great alternative.

14Grey Living Room

Living room corner decorating ideas

In a living room that is painted grey all the way through, putting a bold colored armchair in a corner would immediately draw attention to itself, becoming the statement object in the room.

15Small Spaces

Living room corner design ideas

In small living rooms, the corners are your best friend. You can always make use of the corners with the help of sectional sofas to not only fill the space but also to utilize it.