11 Large Living Room Ideas


Large living rooms does not have to look cold and empty. With a few touches, a large living room turns into a homely, warm and inviting place. These 11 large living room ideas will help you to do the same.

1In the Middle

Modern large living room
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It is important to gather the seating set towards the middle of the room rather than to push them against the walls in a large living room to use the space efficiently and make it warm.

2High Ceilings

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If your large living room also has high ceilings, low furniture can get lost in the huge space. Try to choose stately and tall furniture and big chandeliers to balance everything and fill the room.


Large living room decor ideas
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Large living rooms are great canvases to decorate luxuriously. A fireplace, a classic, leather seating set, a big chandelier decorated with crystals and a large coffee table can all contribute to turning your large living room into a luxurious one.


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It is one of most popular styles. We have shared great examples in our 15 minimalist living room ideas content.

A large living room is hard to decorate with a few pieces of furniture. To decorate a minimalist one, you need to opt for big décor objects and furniture without needing more objects than needed. Ceiling beams or columns can also enrich the space.


Large living room design ideas

To utilize the space in a large living room, try to designate different sections for different uses such as a main sitting area and a reading corner. It is important for these sections’ color schemes and styles to complement each other.

6Sofas as Statements

Large living room decor

Instead of having lots of décor objects around, by choosing your sitting pieces large and stately, turn them into the statement objects of the room without even needing a coffee table in the middle.

7Architectural Elements

Large living room decoration

Molding on the walls or lots of beams here and there can change the shape of the room while filling up the space, giving it a unique look.


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A large living room with high ceilings can look warm and inviting by painting the ceilings a dark color or using wooden panels in contrast with a neutral or white base.


Large living room ideas

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Traditional style goes well with large living rooms due to their symmetrical nature in décor and statement objects like fireplaces fill the space eye-pleasingly.

10Textures and Patterns

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Instead of filling the space with physical objects, try to use big objects with lots of different patterns, textures and colors around the room to warm up the room. Patterned curtains, complementary brick walls, contrasting colors can all make a large room an inviting one without cluttering it.


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Warm shades of natural wood along with curves used around the room are features of contemporary style that can be used in contrast to high ceilings of a large living room to design a cozy atmosphere.