25 Inspiring Living Room Pictures


Sometimes all you need is an inspiration to transform your living room into a place where you would want to go every day and find peace. 25 inspiring living room pictures are collected and made in to a list for you to provide the boost you need.

1A Touch of a Color

Living room pictures

We have prepared a great list of 30 modern living room ideas with beautiful photos.

This modern living room with a white base gains character through the use of single sofa in bright blue. The golden shiny metals used throughout the space enhances the modern vibe while adding elegance.

2Neutral Color Scheme

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Neutral color scheme used in this living room is revived by the colorful cushions used on the sofas as well as the fireplace located in the middle of the room, giving warmth to the room, making it cozy.

3Earthy Tones Contrasted

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Against the light tones such as white used on the base of this living room, earthy-toned sofas design a great contrast. The cushions in various colors and the plants used around the space bring life to it.

4Big, Soft Cushions

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We have told about ways to make a room cozy in our 20 cozy living room ideas list.

This simplistic living room is turned into a cozy area to relax with those big and soft cushions. The patterns and colors chosen go well with the color scheme of the room while some of them add fun.

5Thinking Out of The Box

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Wall decorations can be show our room great. Just visit our 30 living room wall decor ideas for more examples.

The blackboard paint used on a portion of a white wall help to rescue this living room from being boring, making it inspirational by displaying the artworks of the family members.

6Mirror on The Wall

Beautiful decorated living room pictures

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Even though small, this traditional living room is cleverly designed by leaving the middle as open as possible, allowing the sunlight to come in directly and putting a big mirror on the wall not only to reflect light and make the room brighter but also make it look larger than it is.

7Vintage Elegance with Pastels

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This completely white vintage living room is brought to life by using pastel colors in decoration as well as the accents. The soft colors do not take away anything from the clean look of the room but help to make it look elegant and calm.

8The Focus Can Change

Inspiring living room pictures

By dedicating the bigger portion of the room as the dining area and pushing the living area far back, this living room changes its focus. The long table becomes the focal point of the room for family dinners.

9Pastels in Modern Style

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Pastel pink and blue harmoniously blend with the whites and the clean lines of this modern living room. The shiny rose gold metals spread around the room fits perfectly with the color scheme and the style.

10Diagonally Put Furniture

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This big living room is utilized by putting the furniture diagonally to fill the empty spots without needing to use extra furniture or decor objects, and also designing an interesting look.

11Minimalistic Yet Cozy

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This minimalistic living room achieves coziness through the use of different kinds of furniture with different neutral shades. The colorful rug in the middle binds all of them together while the fireplace adds warmth to the room.

12Sweet Minty Green

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Green base in this living room is an amazing idea, combined with white furniture and complementary accent colors, designing a flow between the contrasting colors.

13Coziness Is Not Difficult to Achieve

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This big living room is made cozy with a fluffy carpet, a leather lounge chair with a blanket thrown on top, lots of pillows used around and soft lighting. When all the right choices come together, coziness is inevitable.

14Interesting Furniture Choices

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If you have no idea about furniture using or layouts, make sure to check our list of 20 living room furniture ideas.

An armchair that gives off the feelings of a hammock like this one drastically changes the experience of relaxing in a living room. Though it is a simplistic armchair, it sure gives of the cozy vibes.

15Small Rooms, Bright Colors

Living room pictures have modern designs
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Just look these beautiful 20 small living room ideas, if you need inspiration how to decorate a small room.

Bright colors like yellow and purple used in this small living room add dimension to it, making It look larger than it seems against the solid white background and other white furniture that blends in with the background.

16Blue Wins Over Monochrome

Living room photo
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The one and only colorful object, the blue armchair used in this monochrome living room is the best idea to give a character to the space while maintaining the monochrome look.


Living room pictures that inspire you
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Patterns used on the pillows changes the whole atmosphere of this living room that is very modern and clean looking without needing to add color or spoiling the style.

18Minimalist Can Be Colorful

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On a completely white base, using minimalistic seating set in fun colors, this living room proves how a minimalist living room can handle colors like a boss.

19White on White

Living room in white decor
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We have put together amazing photos in these 15 white living room ideas list.

A brave attempt to make a living room completely white works wonders in this example. With the use of various textures, fabrics and patterns throughout the room, depth and dimension are added to the room, making it look pleasing to the eye.

20Classical Curtains for A Change

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Curtain selection is one of the most important things sometimes. We have listed 30 living room curtain ideas for you.

This classical living room has these old-looking, classical curtains and it fits beautifully with the overall style of the room while adding color and character to it.

21No Limits to Decoration

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An old, vintage chest placed in the middle of this living room instead of a generic coffee table draws all the attention to itself, becoming the signature object in the space, differentiated both by its look and its inspiring use.

22Eclectic Shabby-Chic

Living room pictures in different styles
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This living room becomes an eclectic one with its use of different styled furniture all around the space while using variety of colors, patterns and materials. The bright colors combined with the patch-work-like rug in the middle designs a shabby-chic living room.

23Earthy Tones in Harmony

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Browns and earthy tones are believed to be boring and old looking, yet this very living room manages to break the taboo by using lots of different materials from leather to wicker and lots of different shades from light to dark along with subtle patterns combining them all.

24Minimalistic Decoration with Plants

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How to make a room beautiful with plants? Just check our 15 plant decoration ideas for living rooms.

Instead of using the traditional décor objects, this minimalistic living room uses plants in all shapes and sizes to fill the space and bring color and character to it.

25Coffee Tables Need Attention

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We have shared 15 coffee table decor ideas and tips that hopefully help you.

Coffee tables’ decoration is as much important as the rest of a living room. This one succeeds in decoration by using various objects in different sizes and materials matching the accents.