36 Industrial Living Room Designs


Industrial is among the popular decoration styles today. In this content, we give examples with the work of different successful designers. We have selected 36 beautiful industrial living room designs for you in this gallery.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.


Industrial living room pictures

Instead of bare brick or concrete walls, you can paint the walls all white, contrasting the black metal furniture and dark brown leather couch which are the two pillars of the industrial style.

6Dark Grey

Industrial living room design ideas

Dark shades of grey are perfect for the industrial decor style. A dark grey sofa and matching curtains would be great when contrasted with white brick walls and natural wood to bring warmth to the space.


Industrial living room

Going all black in furniture is always an option in an industrial living room design. Black couches, black metal furniture and black accents would design a dark atmosphere fitting for the style while white painted walls would brighten the room.

12All Grey

Industrial style living rooms

Do not be afraid of going all grey if that is what you wish. Different shades of grey combined with dark metal details, natural wooden furniture and bare brick walls make the perfect industrial living room.

15Rustic Industrial

Rustic industrial living room

Rustic and industrial styles may seem so different from each other but the combination of them is worth a try. Traditional patterns with bold colors, a log stove as the statement piece combined with brick walls and metals would exist in an interesting and eye-pleasing harmony.

18Open Space

Industrial living room interior design

A room with industrial style is often associated with open spaces. Large windows with metal frames would not only brighten up the space but also complement the industrial decoration inside.


Industrial living room design

In an industrial living room, it is best to keep the accent colors simple and subtle. A rug and a few pillows that includes the accent color would be more than enough to change the atmosphere without taking away from the style itself.


Industrial living room photos

In the industrial design, it is appreciated to leave the ceiling as it is. The beams, the pipes running across the ceiling are all considered to be complementary to this style. Instead of trying to cover them, display them proudly!

27White & Wood

Industrial living room examples

Even though the industrial style is known with its dark colors, you can use white as the contrasting color. White brick walls, a white sofa against hardwood floors along with wooden and metal detailed furniture can be very appealing to the eye.

30Wall Decor

Industrial living room decor

Using a subtle wall paint can make a great background for wall decors. Instead of traditional paintings, using rather minimalistic art prints is a great option to add decorative elements to your industrial living room without cluttering the space.


Black industrial living room

In an industrial living room, choose minimalist furniture with clean lines and bare legs instead of big and bulky ones to enhance the open and modern aesthetic of the space.


Industrial living room decoration

Plants are the easy and fool-proof way of decorating an industrial living room. Try to designate a corner for lots of different plants not only to add color but also to bring life to the room.

34Decorating Metal Bookshelves

Industrial living room images

Industrial bookshelves may be difficult to decorate due to their minimalistic nature. Try to use plants to fill the empty spaces and be careful to leave some spaces open by using glass objects for a see-through effect and a few solid-colored objects complementing the color scheme of your room.


Industrial style living room

Light fixtures can become one of the fundamental parts of your industrial living room’s decoration. Rail lighting systems are no doubt perfect choice for the industrial look, especially if it is on a bare concrete ceiling.

36Brick Walls

Industrial living rooms

If your place originally has brick walls, leave them as they are instead of painting or covering them to enrich the industrial look of a space without much effort.