How to Decorate a Living Room? 10 Main Steps


How to decorate a living room beautifully? Living rooms are the safe havens to wind down for the people who are living in a busy, chaotic world and also the perfect gathering spot for families and friends to enjoy each other’s company. Therefore, it is quite important to decorate a living room in a correct way not only to reflect who you are as a person but also what atmosphere you would like your living room to bring about.

If you are lost at how to decorate a living room, we offer you this detailed article, explaining everything to you in 10 main steps you need to take. However, make sure to read the article to the very end to understand everything about decoration and receive the results you wish to have.

1Style Choice

How do you decorate a living room

Style is probably the most important thing you have to decide even before starting to decorate your living room. Every style designs a different atmosphere and gives off a different vibe. While a minimalist living room may be a good choice for someone who has a few furniture and hates clutter, it may not be cozy enough or colorful enough for someone else’s taste or personality.

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It all depends on what you want your living room to feel like. Make sure to check our list of “15 most popular decorating styles” to learn about the styles and get inspiration from it.

3Color Choice

How do I start decorating my living room

Color scheme of a living room matters as much as the style of it. In fact, most of the time, they go hand in hand. While some styles are prone to look better with certain color schemes, it is crucial to know which color has what effect on human psychology and how the colors react to each other in certain combinations in order to design the perfect living room atmosphere for your liking.

While you may use blue for a calming effect, you can choose warm colors like yellow or orange to feel energized and happy. Do not forget to check “20 most popular living room colors” to see all your options and what each of them can make you feel.

4Furniture Choice

Ways to decorate your living room

Furniture is what mainly fills a living room and makes it come alive, but the style, the material or the color of the furniture can drastically change a living room. While it is important for the furniture to match the style of the room, you also need to consider the atmosphere you want to design.

For a cozy living room, you may choose soft sofas in warm or earthy colors or one with sharp edges and clean lines in cool tones for a modern look. Don’t worry, we’ve covered all the choices you can make for you right here: “living room furniture ideas“.

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Colors and color harmony are as important as style in decoration. In this video, we have chosen popular living room colors for you. I recommend you take a look.

6Decoration Ideas

How to decorate a living room

We continue to share main steps of “how to decorate a living room?” The little details in a living room either make it or break it. Knowing how to use decorative objects around the place in which colors, materials, shapes, and sizes in relation to the style and the color of the room is fundamental in designing a good-looking living room since these little details are the last touches that help to bring everything together in a harmony.

We have prepared a huge list of “80 wonderful living room ideas” to provide a wide range of selections for you to draw inspiration from and hopefully integrate some of them into your new living room.

7Architectural Situation

Tips to decorate living room

In decorating your own living room, there is one thing that you need to take into consideration and that is something you cannot change: the architecture of your house. Your living room may be a large one with high ceilings or a small one with small windows, or even a weird, long one that you do not know what to do with.

Since you cannot change the structure, you need to work around it and find ways to decorate it accordingly. In any case, there are great tips and tricks to decorate any kind of living room as we have also shared with you in a few articles such as “how to decorate small rooms?“.

8Curtain Choice

Ways to decorate a living room

Curtains are one of the accent pieces in decoration, yet it has a huge effect on how the room is perceived. The kind of curtains used in a living room can make it look bright and airy or dark and masculine.

It is also important to choose colors that either complement the color scheme of the whole room or contrast it to add dimension and depth. Our article “30 beautiful living room curtain ideas” has a wide range of different types of curtains and ideas on how to use them, if you are interested.

9Lighting Choice

How to decorate your living room

No matter how well you did on all the other steps in this list, the lighting can make it even better or worse depending on how it is used. Lighting does not mean only the artificial lighting that we use around the house but also the natural light source, the sun itself.

Whether you make use of the natural light or the artificial light sources, knowing what kind of atmosphere you’d like to have in a living room can guide you to use any source cleverly. As always, we’ve got you: “10 lighting ideas for living rooms

10Wall Decoration

How to decorate living room

Walls can be left blank or utilized depending on the style and the look you are going for. In a minimalist living room, you could leave the walls empty to enhance the simplistic vibe. On the other hand, you could put art prints, paintings or anything you want, to add character to your living room and personalize it to reflect you as a person.

If there is one thing that is great about wall decorations, it is the fact that you have no limits to it as long as it is parallel to the style of the room. In the right setting, you could easily hang a red bike on a wall. Don’t you believe it is possible? Check it out here, “30 wall decor ideas for living rooms“.

11Empty Corners

How to make your living room beautiful

Empty corners can be one of the most frustrating things when decorating a living room. Those corners can be left blank intentionally in a minimalist living room but there are many things you can do to fill them without cramping up the space and even add a function to it, such as designing a cute little reading corner with a bookshelf and a cozy armchair. Then again, we have a lot more ideas right here, “how to decorate empty corners in living rooms?“.

12Fireplace Ideas

How can I decorate my living room

Not every living room is lucky enough to have a fireplace. You may or may not have one but can always incorporate a fireplace since there are all different kinds of them out there that can match the style of your own living room.

Fireplaces design a focal point in a living room and help to bring everything together while immediately making the room cozy by adding warmth. If you have no idea what to do with fireplaces, we have a few ideas that might help in the article “25 gorgeous fireplace ideas“. We tried to find the answer to the question of how to decorate a living room. Hopefully this content has helped you.

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