15 Perfect Grey Living Room Decors


Grey is an amazing color that can fit into any atmosphere, adding elegance and calmness with the help of its rich shades. How to decorate a room with grey beautifully? These 15 grey living room decor ideas are here to show you how.

1Scandinavian Grey

Grey living room

The white walls and the wooden floors make up the base of Scandinavian style. Grey sofa and an armchair with wooden details warm up the cool tones of the space while continuing the monochrome look.


Classic grey living room

In a classically designed place, the color scheme does not have to be all earthy tones only. Soft grey walls contrast to white moldings while vintage furniture with greys, whites and pinks complement the whole aesthetic of the room, giving it a modern yet classical vibe.

3Noble Grey

Grey living room design

In a living room with high ceilings, everything above the eye level is in light colors, while it gets darker below the eye level to balance the huge space. Grey sofas combined with striped armchairs bring both the darks and the lights together, adding to the luxurious ambiance with metal accents.


Grey living room design ideas

A grey sectional put in front of a fireplace can immediately add to the cozy and comfortable atmosphere of a contemporary living room. Additional shades of grey spread around the place add depth to the room while the different types of wood would echo the same effect.

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Grey living room decor

In a modern living room, monochrome is the most popular color scheme. Dark grey walls contrasted by a light grey sofa gives dimension to the space while prints of different color, shape and size bring everything together.

7Grey & Blue

Grey living room ideas

This is another grey living room ideas. Grey and blue are the perfect duo when it comes to decoration. A mostly white living room comes to life with a grey sectional and blue accents, adding a calming and cozy vibe to the atmosphere.

8Grey Walls

Grey living room pictures

Instead of painting the walls white, you can opt for light gray to get rid of the sanitary look without sacrificing the airy and open feeling.


Minimalist grey living room

Minimalist style is ideal for a grey living room decor. A minimalist room is easily done with monochrome look. A light grey sectional put in front of tall, dark curtains contrast the dominant white color in the space, adding depth and character.

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11Sections Through Color

Grey living room photos

In an open plan space, colors can be used to divide areas from each other. While the kitchen is mostly white, opting for a grey accent wall, a grey sofa and a grey rug combined with a few white objects, design a living area without using any physical separation.

12Vintage Furniture

Grey living room decoration

Grey painted walls make a great background for showcasing vintage furniture in a living room. The grey easily blends with other colors without taking over the room, allowing other pieces of furniture and decor to draw attention.

13Gray Base

Grey living room examples

Grey walls and sofas make up a great base for adding color through accents. Adding colorful pillows and rugs to the decoration changes the ambiance of the room effortlessly.

14Textures and Patters

Grey living rooms

In case of using one or two colors in a space, adding lots of different textures and patterns without using additional color can transform the room into a cozy and inviting place.

15Wood Against Grey

Grey living room images

In a room with lots of wooden details like ceiling beams or the cupboards, grey would be a complementary yet contrasting color with its cool tone against the warmness of the wood, adding depth and dimension to the room, and balancing everything out.

16Completely Grey

Modern grey living room

Using only grey in a living room may not be a terrible choice after all. Using different shades of grey along with patterns and textures is enough to design a homely place with a masculine look.

17Green View

Grey living room decor ideas

When a room has an amazing view of greenery, you can opt for keeping the room fairly simple with whites and greys to draw attention to the view with big windows, bringing light to the room.

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