15 Green Living Room Ideas


Green is not the first color that comes to mind in terms of decoration. However, the calmness we are looking for in city life can be brought by the nature’s color green, reminding us where we come from. How to decorate a living room with green? It is not so difficult to incorporate green to your living room with these 15 green living room ideas.

1Different Shades of Green

Green living room pictures

Do not shy away from using different shades of green in a place. Dark green and turquoise can be used together while being balanced by white and brought together by yellow as the accent color.

2Wall Decor

Green living rooms

To incorporate a color of your choice such as green to a living room in a subtle way, you can try to paint the back of the built-in shelves to emphasize depth and paint a background for decor items.

3Accent Wall

Green living room

In a living room where a soft green is used as the accent color, painting a wall brighter shade of green would complement the whole room and help to bring out the soft accents even more.

4Green in Modern

Modern green living room

A monochrome modern living room is never boring with a sea green sofa with clean lines as the statement object of the space.


Traditional green living room

It is another green living room decor example. The right shade of green used in a traditional living room can turn a room in to a rich and classy looking one.

6Mix It All

Green living room decor ideas

Never underestimate the power of mixing colors and styles together. A classic green sofa, an industrial style clock and a red lamp, modern style cement-look on the walls along with a red bohemian style ottoman… In theory it may not sound nice, but in practice it looks awesome!

7Green and Gold

Green living room decor

Green painted walls in a modern living room does not only provide a beautiful background but also can be even more beautiful and elegant when supported by golden accents in decor.

8Neutral Green

Green living room decoration

Green does not have to be a bright and lively color that we all imagine. You can incorporate a brownish-earthly green color in to your living room that mostly has neutral colors if you want to stick with the neutrals.

9Small but Bright

Green living room design ideas

Bringing light to a small living room is not necessarily done by colors like white. Try green sofas to brighten up a small and dark living room.

10Green Accents

Green living room photos

To rescue a place that is almost too boring is easy enough with greens, yellows and oranges. Warm, complementing colors will not only make the room cozy but also fun.

11Completely Natural

Green living room design

A room that is decorated with neutral colors and natural wooden furniture can only get more natural by additional green accents and lively green plants around the place, making it look like it belongs to the nature itself.

12Industrial Touch

Industrial green living room

A classic looking green sofa would be a great contrast and a complementary touch to an industrial living room that has lots of plants in all shapes and sizes spread around.

13Soft Green

Green living room images

Soft green is a great color to incorporate into a modern living room. While it is light enough to keep the room looking clean and simple, it also brings life to an otherwise pale environment.

14Lots of Green

Green living room examples

Green decoration is one of the nice choices. Using different shades of green in a neutral-color-based living room and bringing them all together in a rug that has the shades of green in continuation can actually tie everything together.

15Velvet Green

Green living room ideas

Using a rich and dark shade of green on a velvet sofa along with metal accents on a monochrome base makes the room look luxurious and elegant.