26 Green Living Room Ideas


Green is not the first color that comes to mind in terms of decoration. Again, we share good examples of green living room designs from popular interior designers and home stylists. Here are 26 green living room ideas waiting for you.

1. Designed by Salt Design Co

2. Designed by Andrew Howard

3. Designed by Donna Elle Design

4. Designed by Phoebe Howard

5. Designed by Gretchen Black

6. Green Wall

Green living rooms

To incorporate a color of your choice such as green to a living room in a subtle way, you can try to paint the back of the built-in shelves to emphasize depth and paint a background for decor items.

7. Designed by Brianne Penney

8. Designed by Charlotte Harris Lucas

9. Designed by Sarah Vaile Design

10. Designed by Habitat

11. Designed by Katharine Paravicini Interiors

12. Designed by Traci Zeller

13. Designed by Gideon Mendelson

14. Designed by Jodi

15. Designed by Greg Natale

16. Designed by Greg Natale

17. Designed by Habitat

18. Designed by Ashley Gilbreath

19. Green Living Room

Green living room decor

Green painted walls in a modern living room does not only provide a beautiful background but also can be even more beautiful and elegant when supported by golden accents in decor.

20. Designed by Jocelyn Chiappone

21. Designed by Meg Braff Designs

22. Designed by Stephanie

23. Designed by Ashley Gilbreath

24. Designed by Greg Natale

25. Designed by Evolve Residential

26. Velvet Green

Green living room ideas

Using a rich and dark shade of green on a velvet sofa along with metal accents on a monochrome base makes the room look luxurious and elegant.

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Green living rooms