25 Gorgeous Fireplace Ideas and Designs


Fireplaces are one of the most traditional elements of a living room. While they naturally add coziness and warmth to a space, they can also be used as decorative items to complete the look you want in a specific setting. These 25 fireplace ideas will hopefully give you some insight, if you are looking for inspiration.

1Stone Fireplaces

Fireplace ideas

A stone, classical fireplace design that might fit in to a traditional room can be turned in to a contemporary one with a simple mantelpiece installed on top, giving it a different look.

2Modern Country

Fireplace decoration

A subtle fireplace with wooden millwork around it would blend the simplicity of the modern vibes with the curves of the country style.

3Wall-Mounted Fireplaces

Fireplace designs

Wall-mounted fireplace is perfect for small spaces. Due to its minimalist nature, it is a good choice for modern places and can become the focal point of a room easily with its beauty.

4Marble Luxury

Fireplace design ideas

A marble fireplace framed by painted wood can immediately turn a mediocre room into a luxurious one without even trying. A big mirror used on top of it would also enrich the luxurious look, making the place look larger.

5Ledgestone Fireplaces

Rustic fireplace ideas

A built-in, ledgestone fireplace brings warmth to a rustic atmosphere with its natural look that is effortlessly beautiful.

6The Modern Look

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A modern designed fireplace mounted on a wall can utilize any material such as concrete or metal, giving it an elegant and futuristic look with sharp and clean lines.

7The Traditional Style

Fireplace ideas for interior

A fireplace decor can be traditional yet different with a few changes. Using stone on the edges only and painting the rest might be a good idea to blend it in with the rest of the place, especially in a small living room.

8Electric Fireplaces

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Instead of wood-burning fireplaces, you can opt for the electric ones that are not only eco-friendly but also fitting for the modern style.

9Fieldstone Fireplaces

Stone fireplace ideas

Fieldstone fireplaces are no doubt the signature of the rustic style with its cozy and natural look, giving off easy-going vibes to the atmosphere.

10Electric Mixed with Traditional

Fireplace designs for living rooms

Without worrying about chimneys and how to clean them, you can prefer an electric fireplace that is decorated traditionally to fit into a traditional living room. It is as easy as that!

11Importance of Material

Fireplace decor

Choosing eye-catching materials like marble tiles to decorate a fireplace is enough to make it a statement object in a room.

12Using the Vertical Space

Fireplace styles

A wall-mounted fireplace can cover the whole wall, while the vertical lines used in decoration can support to fill the open space and become the focal point of the room.

13Brick in White

Beautiful fireplace ideas

A brick fireplace can easily match a contemporary, white living room by being painted white to erase the classical look and make it new.

14Fireplace as Decor

Fireplace decoration ideas

Fireplaces can be used only for decorative purposes as well. A vintage fireplace that has beautiful, detailed carvings can be used to complete the overall look of a luxurious vintage room.

15Different Colors

Interior fireplace ideas

Color contrasts in a fireplace along with different materials can bring not only warmth but also fun into your living room.

16The White Fireplace

Beautiful fireplaces

A built-in, white fireplace with tiles changes the ambiance of the room even without the burning logs inside.

17The Gray Fireplace

Living room fireplace decor

An ordinary brick fireplace can be painted dark gray to take on a contemporary look to go with your current style.

18Tiles with Designs

Fireplace decor ideas

Fireplaces that has tiles with designs on them can become an artwork themselves to bring life to a room.

19Stone yet Mounted

Brick fireplace ideas

Combining the two styles, you can use wall-mounted fireplaces with bricks to enhance the traditional feelings while keeping it simple and minimalistic.

20Antique Beauty

Vintage fireplace design

An antique fireplace becomes the focal point of the room without any effort with its unique style, matching a vintage style living room.

21Built-in Fireplaces

Fireplace decorating ideas

A big, stately, built-in, stone fireplace works with many styles from traditional to rustic, bringing the attention to itself in a room that is subtle in base.

22Brown Stones

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A fireplace with brown stones can fit into many color schemes, from blues to browns and any material, from wood to stone, making it easy to decorate.

23Contrasting Colors

Living room fireplace ideas

Contrasting colors on a fireplace is enough to make it shine in a room with subtle colors and pieces of furniture.

24Fireplace Decoration

Fireplace ideas for home

The mantelpieces of a fireplace are important areas for decoration. Putting mirrors, pictures or candle holders on top can change the atmosphere.

25The Contemporary Style

Fireplace ideas for living rooms

A stone fireplace with clean and simple lines can complement any contemporary living room, especially when chosen in neutral or cool tones such as gray, matching any color scheme without a problem.