15 Eclectic Living Room Ideas


The eclectic style allows one to decorate a place using variety of styles, colors, textures and materials in harmony to design a unique space for those who are indecisive when it comes to decoration styles. These 15 eclectic living room ideas can show you exactly how.


Eclectic living room

Eclectic style allows different patterns to be used together. Keeping the base of the living room neutral help to tie all the different patterns and colors in the accents together.

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2Focal Point

Eclectic living rooms

It is a really beautiful eclectic living room decor. Even though you may want to showcase all of the interesting, vintage or sentimental items you have, choose a few items to avoid confusion and choose one item that stands out from the rest like a vintage red bike to design a focal point.


Eclectic living room photos

On the base of a traditional style living room, different textures used can immediately transform the room into an eclectic one. Layer ruffled fabric with smooth ones to balance things out.


Eclectic living room decor

Using a few different materials together is key to the eclectic style. Use wood and metal together to mix roughness with smoothness against a neutral base to add variety.

5Colors Used Freely

Eclectic living room ideas

If there is any style that would handle mix of many different bold colors such as rich blue, red and yellow, that would be the eclectic style. The important point is to keep the base as neutral as possible and add only a few colors without going overboard, allowing eyes to rest at some point in the room.

6Different Styles

Eclectic style living room

In a rustic living room with rustic furniture, contemporary seating set can actually be used. While one sofa is leather, the other can be fabric, while one wood is unpainted, the other can be painted white. Mix things as you go along until you reach the satisfying result.

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7Gray Base

Eclectic living room design

Gray base is an amazing way to display the eye-catching pieces of furniture and accents in an eclectic living room. Woods, metals, different colors can all have their moment to shine when the base is calm.

8Cluttered but Collected

Eclectic living room decoration

If minimalist style is popular with its uncluttered surfaces, the eclectic style is popular for the opposite. Use of different colors, styles and textures make the room look cluttered. The point is to control the clutter and make it look collected.

9Wall Decor

Eclectic living room wall decor

When it comes to decorating the walls, using metal frames with wooden shelves contrast each other, add depth and dimension to the place.

10Collector’s Items

Eclectic style living rooms

If you love collecting items from thrift stores or antique shops, an eclectic living room is the perfect setting to showcase them. An old trunk can be used as a side table to make it functional or an old wicker chair can be added to the room to bring a different vibe to a corner.

11Same Patterns

Eclectic living room examples

Do not be afraid to use the same patterns over and over in an eclectic living room. You can use one pattern at least for three times to design a cohesive space with the help of colors.

12Different Shades

Eclectic living room images

Different shades of the same color can be used throughout the living room while metals with different colors and finishes help bind everything together.

13Chaotic Order

Old eclectic living room

Though an eclectic living room may look chaotic due to the pieces with different styles, colors and textures, everything needs to have their own home. You can avoid making a mess by designating an area for each piece, having an order in what looks like a clutter.

14Colorful Base

Red eclectic living room

Instead of a neutral base, you can opt for a bold color like red for the base. Since the color itself is quite dominant, the variety of decorative pieces in the room need to be toned down to balance everything out.


15Each Piece Different

Eclectic living room pictures

If you want to embrace the soul of the eclectic style, you can go bold and choose every single piece of furniture and decor objects different in style, color, material and texture to design an interesting look.