47 Cozy Living Room Designs


Everyone wants a cozy corner in their home. It is a relaxing, peaceful place. In this gallery we’ve put together 47 cozy living room designs and ideas. We share examples from some popular interior designers.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.

2Warm Neutral Tones

Cozy living room ideas

Warm neutral tones intertwined with soft fabrics throughout the place is enough to design a cozy living room that is inviting and relaxing without trying hard.

5Scandinavian Style

Cozy living room

Scandinavian style can be cold-looking unless the right choices are made. Wooden details added to the room such as coffee tables or chairs can warm up the atmosphere.

8Big Fluffy Carpet

Cozy living room decoration ideas

Large rooms may be difficult places to design a cozy environment. When there is too much empty space that needs filling, lay down a large, soft carpet covering most of the living area to turn the place into a comfortable and cozy one.

11Traditional Style

Cozy living rooms

The traditional style never fails to be cozy and welcoming with its warm tones and its heart, the fireplace. The warmth radiating to the entire place will bring the coziness to another level.

14Never Too Many Pillows

Cozy living room designs

Lots of soft pillows in different colors and sizes put on the sofa looks incredibly comfortable to either sit down or take a nap. In any case, it will make you feel like you are up in the clouds.

17Rustic Style

How do you make a living room cozy

Rustic style cannot ever be uncomfortable or cold due to its nature. While the natural wood at its base brings the comfort of old vacation cabins, the fireplace warms up the place both literally and metaphorically, in especially cold winter days.

20Natural Light

Cozy living room tips

Big and open windows allow the sunlight to fully shine through which is more than enough to bring warmth to a place effortlessly, making it cozy and bright.

23Yellow Light

Cozy living room examples

Using yellow light bulbs for the artificial lighting inside a living room makes it look cozy and welcoming with its warm tones by mimicking the hues of natural sunlight.

26Blanket Over the Sofa

How can i make my living room more cozy

A soft, cuddly blanket thrown over the sofa carelessly in a living room, immediately breaks the showroom illusion of a modern setting and makes the place look alive and lived inside.

29Contemporary Style

Cozy living room decor

The curves of the contemporary style help to design a soft-looking, comfortable ambiance along with warm colors binding them together.

32Natural Leather

Cozy living room photos

With its softness and aging process, natural leather used on sofas design a comfortable setting by keeping up with your lifestyle and adapting to it in time.

35Plants & Flowers

Cozy living room pictures

Various plants and flowers used around a modern and minimalist cozy living room is the best way to turn a monochrome place into a homely one without disturbing the style itself.

38Wicker Furniture

Cozy living room decor ideas

For the living rooms carrying coastal or bohemian vibes, wicker seating sets are the best option to bring the relaxed holiday vibes into the atmosphere.

41Soft Colors

Cozy living room decorating ideas

Soft colors used alongside neutral colors that make up the base of a cozy living room, help to bring life to it while soft fabrics and airy, show-through curtains help to make it look fresh and inviting.


Ways to make cozy living room

Instead of using the traditional coffee tables, big ottomans used in the middle of a room can enhance the comfortable and cozy feeling of a space while providing extra seating for those who need it.

43Minimalist Style

Cozy living room design ideas

A minimalist style room can be made cozy with wooden details used on furniture as well as accent colors added to the decoration such as blue, making it look extra calming and comforting.

44Lamp Shades

How to make a cozy living room

For the empty, weird corners of a living room, especially if located right between the sofa and the armchair, try putting a side table and a lamp shade on top to design a cozy environment by simply dimming the lights.

45Puffy Cushions

Cozy living room images

Stately sofas and armchairs with puffy, soft cushions help to make a room look comfortable especially against the contrasting sharp-edged furniture and shiny metals scattered around the place.

46Accents in Pastels

Cozy living room decoration

Pastel accent colors used throughout a white living room is sure to make it look dreamy and cozy when combined with soft and fluffy fabrics. Fresh flowers arranged carefully in the same pastel colors can help to tie everything together and bring life to the space.

47Accent Wall

How to decorate a cozy living room

An accent brick wall used in a room, especially behind the fireplace, warms up the space by becoming the focal point of the place, adding it a casual, industrial vibe, making the room look quite easy going.