25 Cozy Living Room Designs


Everyone wants a cozy corner in their home. It is a relaxing, peaceful place. In this gallery we’ve put together 25 cozy living room designs and ideas. We share examples from some popular interior designers.

1. Designed by Amanda

2. Designed by Scandi Bohemian Interiors

3. Designed by Nina

4. Cozy Style

Cozy living room

Scandinavian style can be cold-looking unless the right choices are made. Wooden details added to the room such as coffee tables or chairs can warm up the atmosphere.

5. Designed by Marzena Marideko

6. Designed by Pure Salt Interiors

7. Designed by Ania

8. Designed by Kendra Surface

9. Designed by Brianne Penney

10. Designed by Jessica Jelly

11. Cozy Room Design

Cozy living room designs

Lots of soft pillows in different colors and sizes put on the sofa looks incredibly comfortable to either sit down or take a nap. In any case, it will make you feel like you are up in the clouds.

12. Designed by Charlotte Harris Lucas

13. Designed by Heather Scott Home & Design

14. Designed by Mallory

15. Designed by Shannon

16. Designed by Susan

17. Designed by Bria Hammel Interiors

18. Designed by Sarah Vaile Design

19. Designed by Scandi Bohemian Interiors

20. Designed by Finntage

21. Designed by Katie Rosenfeld

22. Designed by Sarah Vandy

23. Designed by Pure Salt Interiors

24. Designed by Philadelphia Interior Designer

25. Cozy Living Room

Cozy living room design ideas

A minimalist style room can be made cozy with wooden details used on furniture as well as accent colors added to the decoration such as blue, making it look extra calming and comforting.

Bonus: Popular Living Room Colors (Video)