65 Country Living Room Design Ideas


You can get inspiration from these 65 country living room design ideas. We carefully chose perfect works of interior designers and home stylists about country decor in this content.

5The Classic Cabin Look

Country living room

Classic log cabins are the roots of the country style. If you are lucky enough to have one, you can decorate your living room using classic furniture combined with lots of ethnic patterns to design a warm environment.

10Earthy Tones

Country living rooms

Earthy and neutral tones used in decoration adds to the laidback and inviting look of a country living room while greenery that is spread around the room would enhance the into-the-wild feelings.

15Rustic Fireplace

Country living room pictures

A brick fireplace that is possibly decorated with pots and a wall clock of the country style would be a great focal point in a country living room.

20Modern Twist

Modern country living room

A country living room decor does not necessarily need to include earthy tones. While white painted wooden panels would give the old country style a new look, a rich blue sofa would brighten the room, making enough contrast to add depth and bring a somewhat of a modern twist to a country living room.

25Yellow Hues

Country living room designs

While combining country style furniture with contemporary sofas, you can blend the both styles in using an accent color such as yellow that goes well with the earthy tones of the country style and add patterned cushions to make it lively.

30White Country

White country living room

White is a great color that complements the country style in the sense that it can take any color or pattern without cluttering the space. White painted walls and white sofas combined with country style furniture as well as many colors and patterns in decor would make the room homely and warm.


Country living room design

Leather is an essential material when it comes to the country style. Leather sofas with shabby chic throws can make a country living room design look luxurious without spoiling the cozy atmosphere.

40Lenghty Living Rooms

Country living room images

Lenghty living rooms can be pain when not handled correctly. In a country styled living space, you can designate two different sections with different seating sets that complement each other with warm and earthy tones, each with a different purpose. While one section can be for warm get-togethers near the fireplace, the other can be specifically for entertainment.

45Different Colors

Country living room photos

Using different colors in a country livng room is not so difficult to achieve. Since country syle has lots of different patterns in its nature, you can mix and combine earthy tones with bold colors while using different patters that complement each other.

50Log Burning Stove

Country style living room

If there is one thing that defines the country style, it has to be log burning stoves. Putting one in the middle of a country living room would immediately turn it into a cozy and inviting place by being the focal point of the room.


Luxury country living room

A large country style living room can be designed using one statement piece like a comfy leather sofa in the middle of the room along with a coffe table and a shabby chic rug to bring a luxurius feel without cluttering the space.

60Country Elements

Country style decorated living room

Country style can be brought to a space with small changes. Wooden ceiling beams and patterned sofas can immediately turn a room into a more country-like styled space. You can use lots of colors to make the room lively and fun.

63Leather and Stone

Country living room decoration

Leather sofas combined with a huge stone fireplace is a fool-proof way of going with a country style living room. Additional vintage or rustic decor can be used to personalize the space while a fluffy rug ties everything together and making it all cozy and comfortable.

64Ceiling Beams

Country style room and carpet

Wooden ceiling beams are anoter signiture decorational element of the country style. Framing a living room with ceiling beams that are connected with timbers on the walls enriches the overall look of a country living room.

65Classic and Country

Country living room decor

Classic-styled seating set that is decorated with patterned cushions is a smart way of bringing a classy look to a country living room. Instead of chandeliers, using stately lampshades to dim the lights, make the atmosphere cozier along with a warming fireplace.