15 Contemporary Living Room Ideas


Most of us love the comfortable and inviting feel of the contemporary style, yet we often make the mistake of turning it into a modern one while designing it. These 15 contemporary living room ideas can be used as a guideline to design just the right one.


Contemporary living room

Neutral colors along with black and white are the trademarks of the contemporary style to build a base that enriches the overall clean and sophisticated look of the room.

2No Right or Wrongs

Contemporary living rooms

Contemporary style is often confused with modern. However, you can incorporate any current decoration style into the contemporary style, adding patterns and colors as accents, using natural stones or any texture, for that matter, without fearing of doing something wrong.

3Bookshelves as Backdrop

Contemporary living room decoration
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These 10 bookshelf decor ideas hopefully can help you to decorate yours.

Bookshelves can turn into the focal point of a room when used correctly. A black bookshelf with horizontal and vertical, clean lines would immensely enhance the contemporary vibes of a living room by becoming the backdrop.

4Rugs or No Rugs?

Contemporary living room pictures
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Ideally, the contemporary style opts for clean and open floors, however, if you want additional coziness and warmth, modern and curved rugs would fit into the setting.

5Open Spaces

Contemporary living room design

In the contemporary style, it is important to leave a space empty as much as it is important to fill one. In a place filled with not only furniture but also colors, patterns and accents, consider leaving certain places empty to balance everything.


Green contemporary living room
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The contemporary style does allow the usage of color in moderation. You can use bold colors such as green if you keep the base fairly neutral both in color and in shapes and patterns as well.

7Clean and Simple

Contemporary designed living room
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Similar to the philosophy of the minimalist style, the contemporary style favors less materials in a space. By doing so, a living room does not only look clean but also simple and elegant.

8Plants Used Differently

Apartment contemporary living room
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Using plants is a way to make the room beautiful. Here are 15 plant decoration ideas for living rooms.

Instead of the traditional way of designating a space for the plants you may have, you can also use tall, tree-like plants to separate areas in an open space while adding color in a natural way.

9Symmetry and Lines

Contemporary living room images
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Using vertical and horizontal lines is important in the contemporary style. While desinging a symmetrical living room, the use of lines in contrast to each other help to enrich the clean look.

10Large Living Rooms

Large contemporary living room

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In a large contemporary living room, using contrasting colors to add depth and decor items such as tall floor lamps to fill the vertical gap would help to design a collected space that does not look as large.


Contemporary decorated living room
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Light fixtures with shiny metals or indirect lights that are installed in a hidden way are popular ways of using light in a contemporary living room. Lights can also be used in a way to attract attention to certain pieces of art or decor in such a setting.

12See Through

Contemporary living room photos
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To design a simplistic contemporary living room, using furniture with bare legs as well as reflective surfaces like mirrors, shiny metals or glass is the way to go.

13Light Walls, Dark Floors

Contemporary living room decor

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To keep everything simple and fill the space at the same time can be quite tricky to pull off. Walls that are painted with a light color, contrasting the dark hardwood floors is the easiest trick in the book that immediately fills the space without cluttering it.

14Pop of Color

Contemporary living room examples
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Using bold colors require a neutral base. In case of wanting to use a bright and bold color like red, it is best to limit it to a few objects in a contemporary living room while keeping everything else subtle and neutral.

15Using Textures

Contemporary style living room

Textures like stone or wood can be used in a contemporary living room to warm up the space and add character without using any additional pieces of furniture, therefore, avoiding clutter.