30 Contemporary Living Room Ideas


Most of us love the comfortable and inviting feel of the contemporary style, maybe we need some ideas. Here are 30 contemporary living room ideas we selected for you in this gallery. There are beautiful examples of contemporary living room designs among them from successful interior designers.

1. Neutral

Contemporary living room

Neutral colors along with black and white are the trademarks of the contemporary style to build a base that enriches the overall clean and sophisticated look of the room.

2. Designed by Janie Molster Designs

3. Designed by New South Home

4. Designed by Leclair Decor

5. No Right or Wrongs

Contemporary living rooms

Contemporary decor style is often confused with modern. However, you can incorporate any current decoration style into the contemporary style, adding patterns and colors as accents, using natural stones or any texture, for that matter, without fearing of doing something wrong.

6. Designed by Kelly Wearstler

7. Designed by Lindye Galloway

8. Designed by Prix de Solde

9. Designed by Kalu Interiors

10. Designed by Leclair Decor

11. Designed by Greg Natale

12. Designed by Rees Roberts & Partners

13. Designed by Kelly Wearstler

14. Designed by Abbe Stanton Fenimore

15. Bookshelves as Backdrop

Contemporary living room decoration

Bookshelves can turn into the focal point of a room when used correctly. A black bookshelf with horizontal and vertical, clean lines would immensely enhance the contemporary vibes of a living room by becoming the backdrop.

16. Designed by Finntage

17. Designed by Paula Daher

18. Designed by Project 22 Design Inc

19. Designed by Jenkins Interiors

20. Designed by Jaclyn Harper

21. Designed by Kelly Wearstler

22. Designed by Zoe Feldman

23. Designed by Carbon 6 Interiors

24. Designed by Rachel Reider Interiors

25. Designed by Greg Natale

26. Designed by Kelly Wearstler

27. Designed by Jenkins Interiors

28. Designed by Kelly Wearstler

29. Designed by Paula Daher

30. Designed by Paula Daher

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