How to Decorate A Coffee Table Beautifully?


Coffee tables are not designated places to hold the coffee cups only and nothing else. A well decorated coffee table can blend everything in a room together or be the focal point itself. How to decorate a coffee table beautifully? These 15 coffee table decor ideas include good tips to style your own.


Coffee table decor

You can use one stately object to decorate your coffee table while personalizing it by putting down your book or cup around it to give it a homely feeling.

2Group It

Coffee table decor ideas

How do you style a coffee table? Using trays to group certain objects will fill the space without cluttering it. An additional vase with fresh flowers is never a bad idea to brighten up the space.

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4Textures and Materials

Coffee table decoration

Using different materials in one area is a good way of balancing the overall look of the surface of the coffee table. Use shiny objects with mattes or use glass and metal together for a contrasting aesthetic.

5Showcase Sentimental Items

Coffee table decoration ideas

If you have sentimental objects that passed onto you from your grandmother like ceramic bowls, your coffee table is the perfect place to honor it and share it with your guests.

6Make Your Own

Ways to decorate coffee table

Sometimes your coffee table itself can be the focus of the decoration. You can make your own coffee table out of pallets and paint them the color you like. You can put your much-loved plants on top to designate an area for them.


Coffee table decor pictures

Candles with different shape, size and colors can transform your coffee table while giving the whole room a cozy and warm feeling. For festive winter vibes, you can opt for red and white candles with cute candle holders.


Coffee table decors

Forming clusters with certain objects is another way of decorating your coffee table with many different items. Candle clusters along with a vase full of flowers and a book cluster on the opposite side will help you to utilize the space while balancing everything.

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10Color Bombs

How to decorate a coffee table

Pops of colors used to decorate your coffee table can change the whole room’s vibe. If you have a white-based room, you can always use many different colors on your coffee table to change the atmosphere of the space.

11Minimalist Decor

Coffee table decor ideas for living rooms

One of the coffee table decorating ideas is minimalist desings. If your living room is a minimalist one, putting only a few, simple objects without any textures or patterns on top of your coffee table will carry on the same style, making your space look sleek and calm.


Coffee table decorating ideas

Glass decor objects are perfect way to decorate your coffee table without tiring the eyes. They are also a good idea to showcase what is inside the objects rather than the objects themselves.


Decoration ideas for coffee tables

Wooden coffee tables often are a great base to display your antique or vintage décor items, bringing up their details and colors to be appreciated even more.

14Not So Traditional

Coffee table decor images

You don’t need a traditional coffee table, you can use a stool-like table to decorate, using different levels on your advantage to arrange objects of different height and importance to design a hierarchy.

15Collect Your Decor

Coffee table decor photos

Instead of buying little decoration items, you can use collected objects like sea-shells or stones in a tray to personalize the decor of your coffee table while displaying your collection for everybody to see.

16Small Coffee Tables

Coffee table tips

A small coffee table is best decorated with a singular statement object. Whether it is a vase full of flowers or a bust, it helps to make it a focal point in the room by drawing attention.

17Rustic and Coastal

Tips to decorate a coffee table

To decorate the coffee table in your coastal yet rustic living room, you can use an old tray as the centerpiece to hold candles and small objects like sea-shells on top of a beautifully handmade lacework to combine two styles in one.

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