44 Coastal Living Room Design Ideas


Bring the summer joy into your place with coastal decor. Here you will find 44 coastal living room design ideas that you may like. We chose beautiful examples from popular interiors and home stylists.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.

4Blue Hues of The Sea

Coastal living rooms

The coastal style brings the freshness and calmness of the sea and sky. Therefore, using blue hues in a living room mimics the beach vibes.

8No Blue, No Problem

Coastal living room decor

You don’t have to use blue. Instead, use lots of white to reflect the sunlight and wicker seating sets to design a lightweight feeling in the room, bringing the holiday atmosphere in.

12Modern Coastal

Coastal living room design

In a more modern coastal setting, using lots of white around the place with big windows would allow the sunlight to shine in and reflect, making the room brighter. Using natural materials such as copper, wood or concrete would add to the naturality of the coastal style.

16Furniture Choices

Coastal living room ideas

Choosing lightweight, comfortable-looking furniture with natural materials such as canvas, cotton or wood enhances the sea-side ambiance with the help of right color scheme. Opting for curves in furniture instead of sharp edges would also add to the easy-going vibe.


Coastal living room photos

We have continue to share coastal home decor ideas. You can bring in the sea and sky color blue with accents rather than the furniture itself. Using pillows in blue is a great choice while showcasing your beloved chinaware is definitely a way of bringing in an elegant look.

24Blue Under Toned Gray

Coastal style living room

Instead of the signature color of the coastal style, blue, using gray which has under tones of blue would give the same effect without being bold and bright.

28Light Wood

Coastal living room

Using unpainted, light wood around the place would enhance the coastal vibes while lightweight and airy curtains would add to the beach-like atmosphere.

32Going White

Coastal living room interior design

Going all white in a living room is always an option when it comes to the coastal decoration style. The more light being reflected, the brighter the place looks. Additional colors of blue and details of wood add to the natural and comfortable ambiance of the room.

36Bohemian Coastal

Coastal decorated living room

On a soft blue and white base, using bold colors and patterns would bring the bohemian vibes which only enhances the laid-back feeling of the coastal style while adding character and a bit fun to the place.

39Dark Walls

Coastal living room pictures

Instead of the usual white painted walls, you can opt for dark gray walls and keep the floors white. Choosing light colored furniture like a soft blue sofa would be a great choice to add contrast and help with the beachy vibes.

40Mix It Up

Coastal living room decoration

Do not be afraid to mix different styled furniture together. Classical sofas and wicker armchairs put together in a coastal style living room would help to design a welcoming environment with different textures and colors.


Coastal style living rooms

Instead of using the traditional color scheme of the coastal style, you can use different colors around the place to make it lively yet bright and fun while bringing the airy vibes with white and blue details around.

42Winter and Summer

Coastal living room decor ideas

While bringing the summer vibes with light colors and blue accents, you can bring the winter vibes with a fireplace and dark wood details, combining them together for a place that is suitable for all seasons.

43Peachy Walls

Coastal living room examples

Peachy walls would carry the warm and soft hues of sand on a beach while contrasted by white window frames and a white sectional. Additional plants would enrich the tropical summer ambiance in the room.

44Small Spaces

Coastal living room images

A small living room can still be coastal with blue-gray walls and white sofas decorated with lots of patterned pillows, making it look larger by reflecting light. A fluffy rug in the middle is perfect to design a cozy little room as well.