36 Brown Living Room Ideas


An elegant and inviting touch with brown color in the living room. Here are lovely brown living room ideas and popular interior designers or home styles’ example brown living room designs in this gallery.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.

1Brown Background

Brown living room

Painting the walls warm brown against the white furniture and window frames make a contrast in the room and make it appear natural yet sophisticated.

4Accent Wall

Brown living room design

In a brown living room decor, rescue a pale living room with white walls by painting one wall light brown, making the room cozy and warm through the neutral and earthy tones without needing bold colors if that is not your cup of tea.

7Using Brown Furniture

Brown living room ideas

Polished and painted furniture in dark brown, especially in a living room that is dominated by light and neutral colors, give it a luxurious and classy look.

10Neutral Base

Brown living room pics

A living room with neutral base, made up of white walls and furniture in earthy tones, is a great canvas to add color through accents like paintings on the wall or patterns on a rug. Try any color you like and see what happens!

13Natural Rustic Browns

Brown living room decoration

Furniture with distressed wooden details accompanied by natural leather is the perfect fit for the rough and laid-back look of the rustic style whose primary color is essentially brown.

16Brown Walls, Hardwood Floors

Brown wall living room

Warm brown walls complemented by lighter shade of hardwood floors is a great beginning to design an elegant living room. Accompanied by white accents and classic furniture, the brown walls do not darken the room but make it look sleek without much effort.

19Friendly to Monochrome

Modern brown living room

Brown is a color that is not so bright and bold, yet it can change the atmosphere of a minimalist monochrome living room without spoiling its aesthetic by the use of vibrant colors.

22Blue and Brown

Using brown color in living rooms

Even though not used much together, blue and brown are colors that complement each other well. Light blue painted walls lighten up a room while a brown leather sofa adds character.

25Shades of Brown

Brown living room design ideas

Many different shades of brown can be used along with many different textures. The natural brown wood along with the natural brown stones would harmoniously blend together while contrasting colors help bring out the details of the textures.

28Traditionally Brown

Brown living room images

There would not be a color more perfect than brown to be used in the traditional style. Brown leather sofas against light brown walls contrasted by white accents are enough to make a room inviting and cozy.


Brown living room pictures

In a modern living room, a brown leather sofa on its own in a black and white setting would be an amazing statement piece, erasing the coldness of the colorless look with a neutral touch.

33Classical Embedded in Industrial

Brown living room photos

In an industrial living room with bare brick walls and metal staircases, a contrasting yet at the same time complementing, classical looking brown sofa would be an interesting twist to make the room feel homely and elegant.

34All Brown Living Room

Brown living room decor

Warm brown walls, brown hardwood floors, a soft brown sofa can be put together in a living room. A white media center and a white rug disrupts the all brown look, while becoming the focal point of the room and balancing everything out.

35Neutrals vs Color

Brown living room decor ideas

In a living room mostly decorated with earthy, neutral tones such as brown, a completely colorful rug that complements the overall style can be a great statement object and bring life to the room.


Brown living rooms

In a home that is decorated with unpainted wooden furniture, choosing a soft brown sectional complements the natural wood while contrasting the white walls, designing an elegant and calming space.