10 Great Bookshelf Decor Ideas


Bookshelves no longer belong to the public or personal libraries, but they are now a big part of decoration. Whether they are used as actual libraries or means of displaying decor items. These bookshelf decor ideas can hopefully give beautiful view to your own room.

1Industrial Style

Bookshelf decor

Black, matte, metal bookshelves are mostly used in industrial settings. Due to its minimalistic, bare-bone look, it allows for lots of different décor items to be used such as books, baskets, vases and plants in different styles and colors complementary to the industrial styled bookcase.

2Built-in Bookshelves

Bookshelf ideas

Built-in bookshelves do not only make a room look larger since it does not take any place in a room, but they also provide a different background when wholly covering a wall, becoming the accent wall.

3White Bookcase

How to decorate a bookshelf

In an all-white living room, a white bookshelf is a great idea to make the bookshelf itself invisible by blending it with the rest of the room and bringing attention to the books or decor items displayed in the bookcase.

4Leaning Ladder Style

Bookshelf decoration for living rooms

Leaning ladder style bookshelves are great for small spaces to be used both as a decorative furniture and also as an actual bookcase. Whether it is full of books or knickknacks, it will never fail to look stylish.

5Scandinavian Style

Bookshelf design

To match the simplistic and natural look of the Scandinavian style, a minimalist wooden bookcase can be used to add to the open and clean atmosphere of the style while being functional.

6Wall-Mounted Leaning Bookcase

Living room bookshelf ideas

Leaning bookshelves can be fit into any style such as modern or industrial by simply changing the color and the material. It can also be mounted on the wall to make it look blended into the background yet still coming to the fore.

7Medium Height

Bookshelf decor ideas

Bookshelves in medium height are perfect not only to store books but also to be used as dressers to display décor items and artwork on top. Since it does not cover the entire wall, it is a good idea to draw attention to the bookcase as well as the artworks, by painting the wall behind a bold and bright color.

8Functional Bookshelves

Bookshelf decor for living rooms

Bookshelves do not have to hold books only, but they can also be designed to act as extra storage with a few drawers or cupboards for especially small spaces. Gaining a few hide-spots without spoiling the ambiance of the room is anyone’s dream.

9Contrasting Look

Bookshelf decoration

In a room with contrasting colors, you may want to blend the bookcase into the background to bring forth the main colors of the room. A little trick you can use is to face the opposite sides of the books on display in order to avoid adding any more color to the still-looking background.

10A Traditional Bookcase

Living room bookshelf decor

A traditional bookcase makes itself known in a living room while adding to the style of the room easily with its style and color. It is also useful since its place can be changed anytime you like.