65 Excellent Blue Living Rooms


Beautiful and excellent blue living room designs from super interiors are in this photo gallery. Check out these 65 blue living room decor ideas to draw inspiration for your own room.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.

5Warmness of Blue and Orange

Blue living room

Blue sofas combined with white walls makes the furniture focus of the room while the white walls themselves brighten it up. Orange that is used as the accent color makes the room feel warm and friendly.

10Blue Meets White and Wood

Blue living room decor

White is not the only color that goes well with blue. Natural look of wooden details complements blue, making it look cozy. A bookshelf decorated with just the right amount of blue and wooden décor would also complete the look.

15Never Too Much Blue

Blue living room images

When used correctly, blue can lighten up the room. Do not be afraid to choose blue curtains or rugs in combination with a blue sofa. The key is to balance it out with contrasting colors like white.

20Modern Blue

Blue living room pictures

Modern style does not necessarily mean all white and black. A blue living room can be modern as well. Achieving a chic look is not difficult with dark blue and steel as the accent. Consider painting a wall different shade of blue to contrast the overall look.

25Experiment with Fun Colors

Blue living room decor ideas

A blue living room decor does not need to be boring. Experimenting with different colors like pink and green can make the room feel cozy and fun.

29Decor to Complement Blue

Blue living room decoration

In a blue living room, it is a good idea to decorate the coffee table with accent-colored items. Different-sized steel candle holders and fresh flowers in white vases on the coffee table would complete the aesthetic.

34Industrial Blue

Blue living room design

Blue is an amazing color to combine with the industrial style. Dark blue walls paint a rich background for the black metals of the furniture to bring the spotlights over. Lots of plants and additional white decor would complete rocking look.

38Blue & Grey

Blue living room ideas

Grey is a great complementing color for a blue living room. Dark blue walls’ combination with pale grey sofas and decoration would be enough contrast to make the room feel airy and calm. To soften the dark blue walls, you can use a collage of prints and paintings as well.

43Bold Colors

Blue living room design ideas

Do not be afraid to use bold colors in a blue living room. Bold blue with bold yellow balanced with white does not only make the room look brighter but also lively.


Victorian style blue living room

Who says Victorian style should be dark and gloomy? In a blue living room, you can choose a bold blue-colored armchair placed in front of a beautiful white fireplace to contrast the look while completing this stylish look with gold as the accent color.

53Coastal Blue

Coastal blue living room

Blue is the backbone of the coastal style. You can combine many different shades of blue and white for an aerial feeling of the beach breezes. Usage of different patterns and textures also brings everything together.

58Accent Blue

Classic style blue living room

Using blue as the accent color in a white room with classic-looking sofas and furniture would complete the rich look without the heavy feeling of the classic style.


Contemporary blue living room

Right shades of blue would be the perfect choice for a contemporary-styled living room. The curves combined with soft blues would make the room feel comfortable while the white painted walls would brighten it up.

64Patterns and Colors

Blue living rooms

Using many different patterns and shades of blue in a blue living room would not clutter the space as you may imagine but make it look aesthetically pleasing when they are spread around the room and complemented with contrasting colors.

65Golden Blue

Blue living room photos

Combination of blue and gold is a go to, when in doubt. While you can use gold as the accent color in a blue living room, you can also combine them with many different colors such as grey and pink.