15 Perfect Black Living Room Ideas


A black living room does not have to be all gothic and gloomy. Black has the potential to make a room look elegant and chic when used correctly. These 15 black living room ideas demonstrate how you can achieve the elegant look.

1Black Furniture

Black living room

In a living room that has light tones on the walls, using black furniture will add an elegant touch but will not darken the room. Wooden furniture used around the space is a natural way to add some color to the mix.

2Modern Aesthetic

Black living room design ideas

Keeping up with the monochrome look of the modern style, textured gray accent walls will complement the black sectional and separate the living room. Geometrical white coffee tables do not only add contrast but also reflect light back into the darkness.

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Black living room decor

In a traditional living room, a black leather sofa can look amazing. The neutral tones of the walls do not darken the room, on the opposite, the white moldings, bookcase and fireplace contrast the rest of the room and reflect the light coming through the big and open windows, making everything work together.

5Black Media Center

Black living room decor ideas

Contrasting the white walls and furniture, the media center can be black to make the experience more cinematic and easier on the eyes while the glossy texture will help reflect the light without sacrificing the color black.

6Industrial Blackness

Black living rooms

Industrial style is the best one to use black in living room decoration. A black, metal bookcase, mixed with natural wood in furniture against white walls and floor will make the place look larger and open yet elegant.

7Details as Advantage

Modern black living room

The pipes in an industrial living room can be painted black for a clean yet grungy look. The grays in the living area design a comfortable atmosphere while the whites in the dining set bring all the light for enjoyable meals.

8Black Floors

Black living room examples

Hardwood black floors contrasted by white walls and ceiling adds depth to the space while the accent gray wall and the gray sitting set binds them together.

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10Texture Instead of Color

Black living room images

In a monochrome black living room decor, textures and patterns are a great replacement for accent colors. Textured panels can make an accent wall while patterns used on pillows and rugs add depth and character to a simple living space.

11The View

Black living room design

A clear and open nature view allows dark colors such as black to be used in the living room since the open windows do not only bring the light in but also make the place look spacious.

12Focal Point in Black

Using black in living room

A black leather couch and a black patterned rug in a living room dominated by light and neutral colors become the focal point of the room without darkening the space.

13Little Black Living Room

Black living room interior

Even though black is thought to make a room smaller, it can be balanced through white, airy curtains in continuation of a white ceiling. The additional white added to the space like the dining table or the rug can help distribute the light around the room, making it look larger.

14Rustic and Bohemian

Black living room pictures

In a light and colorful living room with rustic and bohemian elements, a black sofa becomes a background for the rest of the room, making the unique details pop.

15Black Walls

Black living room decoration

Black painted walls do not make a room look smaller contrary to the popular view. Using natural wood and light colors along with fun patters around the space help lighten up the room while the black molded walls become the perfect background for displaying your furniture.


Black living room photos

Lots of patterns, colors and textures layered on top of each other, bring everything together in a big room with high ceilings and decorated in dark colors. Wood, brick and metal are layered to design a flow from top to bottom while the rugs are layered on the ground to fill the empty space and separate the living area.

17The Classic Black and White

Black living room designs

Using only black and white is no doubt the most preferred way of using black in a living room design. White walls, white floors and white furniture paint a clear canvas to add black through accents. Using patters incorporates black without going over the top.

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