We Chose 74 Beautiful Living Rooms for You


In this gallery, we have chosen 74 beautiful living rooms to give you some inspiration. Some of the living rooms on the list were designed by world-famous interior designers. You can follow these Instagram pages.

We try to find the best examples from popular designers and decorators.

1Clean Whiteness Mixed with Warmth

Beautiful living rooms

This beautiful living room looks amazingly bright due to its clean, white base and it is warmed up by the use of soft gray on the sofas as well as the fireplace, making it look calm and relaxing, offering the perfect place for gatherings.

4Neutral Base is Made Fun

Beautiful living room

The bright colors such as yellow and blue used as the accent colors in this living room designed with a neutral color scheme, change the whole atmosphere and make the room look inviting and friendly.

7Decorating an Open Plan Living Room

Beautiful living room decor

This contemporary living room is designed very carefully to make use of the horizontal and vertical space. The chandelier fills the upper side of the room, becoming the focal point along with the ottoman right under it, while the two rugs, two coffee tables and two sofas mirror each other in a symmetry, utilizing the bottom space.

10Bold Colors Can Be Classical Too

Beautiful living room decoration

In this classical room, bright and bold colors are used to bring character to the space, giving up on the basic neutral look. The bright orange-like red used in the seating set and, on the curtains, complete each other while contrasting the subtle base in harmony.

13One Color Can Steal One’s Heart

Beautiful living room designs

This is one of the best in our list of beautiful living rooms. In a living room that is mostly white and neutral on the base such as this one, using one piece of furniture in a catchy color makes all the difference. This soft blue sofa immediately becomes the focus of the room while carrying the overall style.

16Neutral Yet Classic Living Room

Most beautiful living rooms

In this room, neutral colors are used throughout while character is added through floral fabrics used on the seating set and cushions. The seating set and the pieces of furniture are in a classical style, drawing the attention to themselves, while the rest of the room is simple and subtle, highlighting the objects.

19Made Luxurious Through Marble and Gold

Beautiful living room photos

Marble floors left blank and golden accents used throughout the living room, supported by classical furniture in contrasting colors make this place look luxurious while the architectural details such as carvings on the ceilings and beams enrich the look even more.

22Dark Hardwood Floors Contrasting the White Walls

Beautiful living room pictures

Dark hardwood floors enrich this living room both by quality and by the contrast it makes with the white walls and ceiling. The big windows add to the brightness of the room while the accents bring character to it.

25Centralized Media and Relaxing Center

Beautiful living room images

In this beautiful living room, the walls are painted light gray to design a subtle background and this way white color used against the gray looks even more clean and bright. By putting the tv over the fireplace and the sofa right in front of it, a center for both entertaining and relaxing is designed all in the same area.

28Country Faces Contemporary

Country beautiful living rooms

This country based living room has natural rocks and wood which are mixed with modern furniture that have clean lines and sharp edges, contrasting each other in a way that it is pleasing to the eye while still looking cozy.

31Large Room Made Cozy

Most beautiful living room

This particular large living room is made cozy through the use of wall to wall carpet instead of leaving the floor empty.

34Chandeliers on High Ceilings

Beautiful living room pics

A big, striking chandelier hung from the high ceiling blends the upper and lower spaces together by designing a flow from one to the other.

37Purple Is A Royal Color

Inspiring beautiful living rooms

Different shades of purple, from light to dark, is used all around this living room moderately, making it look elegant and luxurious when it is mixed with neutral colors, classical furniture and architectural details.

40One Contrasting Sofa

How to make a beautiful living room

Against all the neutrals used throughout this living room, one blue sofa is enough of a contrast to brighten up the space and bring life to the room especially when accompanied by blue accents placed here and there.

43Eclectic Style in Color

Beautiful living rooms that inspire you

Eclectic style never fails to amaze one with its unique scale of furniture styles and color schemes. In this example, the blue walls against the checkered floors, mixed with contemporary and classic furniture exist in a beautiful harmony.

46Vintage Beauty in Pastels

Vintage beautiful living room

This living room mixes vintage decorations and furniture with pastel colors to design an elegant space that is breath-taking and also calming both for the soul and the body.

49Classical in Style

Classic beautiful living rooms

The classical background is nicely blended with the chinas displayed on several surfaces which add personality to the room and the look is enhanced by the use of color blue on the lounge chair.

52Having Fun with the Eclectic Style

House beautiful living rooms

This beautiful living room successfully manages to blend very different styles together from the industrial to the classic. The different colors and patterns used all around the space gives the room Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” vibes while allowing it to remain fairly realistic.

55Different Patterns and Fabrics

Pictures of beautiful living room

Different patterns from floral to geometric and different fabrics from cotton to leather are used around this traditional living room so successfully that it doesn’t look chaotic but there is a nice balance in the use of contrasts.

58Minimalist All the Way

Modern beautiful living rooms

The monochrome look of this minimalist living room enhances the simplistic style and the use of less, but stately furniture allows the place to look clean, uncluttered yet functional and cozy.

61Traditional Does Not Equal Neutral

Home beautiful living rooms

Traditional living rooms do not have to be obsessively designed in neutral colors. Two red armchairs used in this room, as you can see, can make everything look so different, bringing life to the place.

64Beautiful Living Rooms

Long beautiful living room

In this beautiful living room, one area is designed for gatherings while the other one is designed for entertainment instead of the go-to dining area cliche.

67Color Induced White Base

Beautiful living rooms photos

This modern living room is cleverly designed to be simple and clean at the base while the character of the room is given through the use of color in furniture. Blue mixed with gray designs a beautiful contrast that is very soothing.

70Living Rooms with Low Ceilings

Beautiful living room photo gallery

Against the low ceiling in this particular living room, low furniture and a flush-mount ceiling lamp are used to open up the space between the ceiling and the floor as much as possible, making the room look larger.

73A Small Living Room

Ideas for beautiful living rooms

The space in this rather small living room is utilized cleverly. The seating set put against one wall, leaving the other side fairly empty, makes the room appear bigger and more open.

74Designed by Kass DeKoning