25 Apartment Living Room Ideas


Not everybody lives in a typical, large suburban house of the American Dream. Living in an apartment can be a challenge at times in terms of adapting to its conditions as well as decorating it which is why we have just the list for you to gather ideas from. Here is the 25 apartment living room ideas.


Industrial apartment living room

In a studio apartment, you can use brick walls to separate one area from the other and use metal bookcases to put invisible walls around the place in an industrial style living room.


Modern apartment living room

Modern style is the perfect choice for apartments due to its clean and simple look with its colors and shapes.

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4Design A Flow

Apartment living room ideas

Instead of trying to divide your limited space, try to design a flow with how you locate your furniture to designate areas that are connected to each other yet separate.


Apartment living room

Using less and simple furniture is helpful in decorating a small apartment. One simple sofa, one small dining table with minimalist features fill the space without making it feel cramped up inside.

6Completely White

Apartment living room pictures

In a small apartment, opt for going with a completely white base to make it bright and look bigger. To add a personalized touch, choose one or to signature pieces in bold colors.

7White Base

Apartment living rooms

A white apartment living room is a dream of many. A dark gray sectional would contrast the white walls while complementing them, adding depth to the room.

8Pastel Colors

Apartment living room decor

If you want to avoid bold colors yet use lots of colors, pastels are an amazing choice. No matter how different the colors are, their pale nature allows them to complement any color while looking calm and serene.

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10Makeā€™em Invisible

Beautiful apartment living room ideas

Putting a dark gray sofa in front of a dark gray accent wall or wooden chairs on wooden floors or a white table in front of a white wall are little tricks that you can use to make the furniture blend in with the background, making the place look much bigger.

11Classic Touch

Design ideas for apartment living rooms

A small apartment living room does not have to be minimalistic. Classic furniture set into a traditional style, along with contrasts is enough to make the room feel larger without sacrificing the classy and elegant vibe of the space.


Apartment living room decoration

Lightwood floors and white walls are the perfect base to design a room with the elements of the Scandinavian style to make it look clutter-free yet fun with all the colors and decor items scattered around.

13Grey and White

Contemporary apartment living room

Grey furniture put in an apartment decor with white base can turn the place into a simple yet elegant one while giving it a cool vibe.

14Few Pieces

Apartment living room photos

Choosing only a few, main pieces of furniture instead of many small pieces is preferable in a small apartment to avoid clutter and to fully benefit from the space you may already have.


Minimalist apartment living room

You cannot go wrong with the minimalist style in an apartment setting. With its simplistic aesthetic, the minimalist style enhances the airy and open atmosphere of the place while preventing possible clutter that can make the place look much smaller.

16Grey Hues

Grey apartment living room

Light shades of grey can be used on the walls to open up the space while dark greys can be used in furniture to contrast the rest to make the space look larger in size.

17Small Apartments

Small apartment living room ideas

In very small apartments, it is a good idea to choose functional furniture that can be used effectively. A sectional put in a small living room does not only allow more people to have seating, but it can also act as a divider to separate the living area from the dining area.

18Bright Colors

Cozy apartment living room ideas

A dark accent wall can act as a great base to hold the artworks that you would like to display. Using bold colors like red in accents around the room can bring life to it while the base remains calm.


Brown apartment living room

Brown is the most natural color to use in a white living room. Leather sofas along with wooden furniture do not only contrast the base but also add warmth and coziness to the space while keeping It classy.


Apartment living room images

In a small apartment, you can divide the living area from the kitchen with a simple, glass island that works both as an island to prepare food on and as a dining table without needing to build walls or use dividers in between.

21Reflective Floors

Ideas for apartment living rooms

Floor tiles contrasting the walls add depth and dimension to the room in an apartment setting while reflecting the light to make the space look brighter and bigger. Try not to use any rugs or carpet to make it continuous around the room.

22Small Living Room

Apartment living room design

In a small living room, using lots of contrasts with simple furniture helps to make the room feel larger in size. Leaving some spaces empty, such as a corner or the floor itself also adds to the open feeling.


Ways to decorate apartment living rooms

Use curves in furniture to design a cozy and comfortable space that is perfect for laid-back evenings in your apartment living room.


Traditional apartment living room

Traditional style goes well with any space in any size with its symmetrical lines that design a collected space that looks inviting and enjoyable.

25Color Blast

Apartment living room examples

On a fairly white base, use lots of colors in furniture to turn your apartment living room into a fun little retreat both for you, for your friends and loved ones.

26Pastels Mixed with Bolds

Apartment living room design ideas

To add variety of colors to a apartment living room decor, you can combine pastel colors with a few bold colors to balance the accents without going over the top.

27Dark Walls, Light Floors

Apartment living room decor ideas

Light brown walls contrasted by white floors is a great way to play around with contrasts and to make the place look even brighter and larger due to the white floors mimicking the white ceilings.

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