103 Beautiful Living Room Ideas

Living rooms are one of the places that we spend most of our time in. So, it may be a good idea to start with the living room first, while decorating and renovating a house. We recommend you to look through lots of examples to gather ideas from. In this gallery, we have chosen 103 beautiful living room ideas. Elegant and aesthetic sitting room designs.

1. Adding Patterns and Colors

living room layout ideas

Contemporary style is often confused with modern. However, you can incorporate any current decoration style into the contemporary style, adding patterns and colors as accents, using natural stones or any texture, for that matter, without fearing of doing something wrong.

2. Decorating an Open Plan Living Room

This open plan living room is designed very carefully to make use of the horizontal and vertical space. The chandelier fills the upper side of the room, becoming the focal point along with the ottoman right under it, while the two rugs, two coffee tables and two sofas mirror each other in a symmetry, utilizing the bottom space.

3. Velvet Green

Using a rich and dark shade of green on a velvet sofa along with metal accents on a monochrome base makes the room look luxurious and elegant.

4. Rustic Look Mixed with White

White painted wooden walls and a contrasting fireplace is a good way of incorporating the rustic vibe into a white living room. You can combine the rustic style with different colors on the sofa and other pieces of decoration to create a farmhouse-look that looks unbelievably comfortable.

5. Coastal Vibes

Using unpainted, light wood around the place would enhance the coastal vibes while lightweight and airy curtains would add to the beach-like atmosphere.

6. Chandeliers on High Ceilings

A big, striking chandelier hung from the high ceiling blends the upper and lower spaces together by designing a flow from one to the other.

7. Big Windows

Having big windows in a minimalist living room is an architectural advantage as it adds to the clean and bright look of the style by bringing the sunlight in.

8. Fireplaces

Fireplaces themselves can be a decorative option. Using only the frame of an old, vintage fireplace is a beautiful way of showcasing artworks and plants while the fireplace itself enriches the decoration even more.

9. Wooden Details

Neutral colors as well as neutral materials are widely used in modern style. Sectioning the tv area with unpainted wood panels is an easy way of spicing up a modern living room.

10. Noble Gray

In a living room with high ceilings, everything above the eye level is in light colors, while it gets darker below the eye level to balance the huge space. Gray sofas combined with striped armchairs bring both the darks and the lights together, adding to the luxurious ambiance with metal accents.

11. Green Wall

In a living room where a soft green is used as the accent color, painting a wall brighter shade of green would complement the whole room and help to bring out the soft accents even more.

12. Neutral Yet Classic Living Room

In this living room, neutral colors are used throughout while character is added through floral fabrics used on the seating set and cushions. The seating set and the pieces of furniture are in a classical style, drawing the attention to themselves, while the rest of the room is simple and subtle, highlighting the objects.

13. Colorful Modern

A modern living room does not have to be monochrome. Using colors that are in harmony like blue and pink on sharp-edged, clear-lined furniture would emphasize the modern look while making it playful.

14. Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style can be cold-looking unless the right choices are made. Wooden details added to the room such as coffee tables or chairs can warm up the atmosphere.

15. Brown Leather Sofa

In a living room design, a brown leather sofa on its own in a black and white setting would be an amazing statement piece, erasing the coldness of the colorless look with a neutral touch.

16. Symmetry and Lines

Using vertical and horizontal lines is important in the contemporary style. While desinging a symmetrical living room, the use of lines in contrast to each other help to enrich the clean look.

17. Contrasting Look

In a room with contrasting colors, you may want to blend the bookcase into the background to bring forth the main colors of the room. A little trick you can use is to face the opposite sides of the books on display in order to avoid adding any more color to the still-looking background.

18. Blue Meets White and Wood

White is not the only color that goes well with blue. Natural look of wooden details complements blue, making it look cozy. A bookshelf decorated with just the right amount of blue and wooden décor would also complete the look.

19. Cabin Coziness

In an old, rustic cabin, red is a great color to use moderately to bring some warmth to the atmosphere.

20. Decorative Wall

Using a subtle wall paint can make a nice background for wall decors. Instead of traditional paintings, using rather minimalistic art prints is a great option to add decorative elements to your industrial living room without cluttering the space.

21. Classy White

A traditional living room that is mainly white is quite possible to pull off. Only with a small touch of color here and there, the overall white would make the room look classy and clean without losing the cozy and warm feeling.

22. Focal Point

In a living room that is mainly decorated in white, a yellow sofa and a patterned yellow rug in the middle can easily be the focal point of the space while adding character to the room.

23. Different Patterns and Fabrics

Different patterns from floral to geometric and different fabrics from cotton to leather are used around this traditional living room so successfully that it doesn’t look chaotic but there is a nice balance in the use of contrasts.

24. Large Living Room Made Cozy

This particular large living room is made cozy through the use of wall to wall carpet instead of leaving the floor empty.

25. Classic Looking Green Sofa

A classic looking green sofa would be a great contrast and a complementary touch to an industrial living room that has lots of plants in all shapes and sizes spread around.

26. Monochrome

In a monochrome living room, plants are the best option to bring in color naturally. Plants in different sizes and types can be put into monochrome vases to go with the style of the room.

27. Exposed Structure

Leaving the bricks or concrete of the structure exposed immensely complements the modern look. You can also opt for building a brick wall yourself with panels to get the same effect.

28. Warmness of Blue and Orange

Blue sofas combined with white walls makes the furniture focus of the room while the white walls themselves brighten it up. Orange that is used as the accent color makes the room feel warm and friendly.

29. Soft Green

Soft green is a great color to incorporate into a modern living room. While it is light enough to keep the room looking clean and simple, it also brings life to an otherwise pale environment.

30. Blue & Grey

Grey is a great complementing color for a blue living room. Dark blue walls’ combination with pale grey sofas and decoration would be enough contrast to make the room feel airy and calm. To soften the dark blue walls, you can use a collage of prints and paintings as well.

31. Brick Walls

If your place originally has brick walls, leave them as they are instead of painting or covering them to enrich the industrial look of a space without much effort.

32. Classical

In a classically designed place, the color scheme does not have to be all earthy tones only. Soft gray walls contrast to white moldings while vintage furniture with grays, whites and pinks complement the whole aesthetic of the room, giving it a modern yet classical vibe.

33. Modern Harmony with Curves

A unique harmony is achieved in this modern living room by combining clear and sharp lines with lots of curves around the place, designing a contrast. The big windows combined with shiny metals and simplistic furniture makes it look luxurious yet futuristic.

34. Wood and White

Dark hardwood floors and an accent wall furnished with wooden panels complemented by wooden ceiling beams look especially beautiful when combined with contrasting white walls and furniture.

35. Industrial Touch

Instead of shiny and reflective metals, you can opt for matte-black-metal look on the furniture and décor to add an industrial touch to a modern living room.

36. Black

Going all black in furniture is always an option in an industrial style living room. Black couches, black metal furniture and black accents would design a dark atmosphere fitting for the style while white painted walls would brighten the room.

37. Vintage Elegance with Pastels

This completely white vintage living room is brought to life by using pastel colors in decoration as well as the accents. The soft colors do not take away anything from the clean look of the room but help to make it look elegant and calm.

38. Wall Decor

When it comes to decorating the walls, using metal frames with wooden shelves contrast each other, add depth and dimension to the place.

39. Pillows and Rugs

Patterns added through pillows and rugs spices up a simple and minimalist Scandinavian living room without tiring the eye and cluttering the space.

40. Experiment with Fun Colors

A blue living room does not need to be boring. Experimenting with different colors like pink and green can make the room feel cozy and fun.

41. Clean and Simple Lines

A stone fireplace with clean and simple lines can complement any contemporary living room, especially when chosen in neutral or cool tones such as gray, matching any color scheme without a problem.

42. Mustard

Mustard is the sophisticated and classy version of yellow with its darker shade. Mustard goes especially well with dark colors like gray or black, giving the room a relaxing atmosphere and bringing character to it.

43. Metal Bookshelves

Black, matte, metal bookshelves are mostly used in industrial settings. Due to its minimalistic, bare-bone look, it allows for lots of different décor items to be used such as books, baskets, vases and plants in different styles and colors complementary to the industrial styled bookcase.

44. Look Clean

The monochrome look of this minimalist living room enhances the simplistic style and the use of less, but stately furniture allows the place to look clean, uncluttered yet functional and cozy.

45. Blue Accents

Gray and blue are the perfect duo when it comes to decoration. A mostly white living room comes to life with a gray sectional and blue accents, adding a calming and cozy vibe to the atmosphere.

46. Small Ideas, Big Chances

Brick-like wall panels installed on a wall in a contemporary living room can change the whole vibe of it by adding character and dimension with its color and texture.

47. Thinking Out of The Box

The blackboard paint used on a portion of a white wall help to rescue this living room from being boring, making it inspirational by displaying the artworks of the family members.

48. Rustic Vibes

Adding rustic vibes is easy enough with wall decors such as a wooden ladder to hold knitted, comfy blankets and small baskets to hold knick-knacks.

49. Wood Against Gray

In a room with lots of wooden details like ceiling beams or the cupboards, gray would be a complementary yet contrasting color with its cool tone against the warmness of the wood, adding depth and dimension to the room, and balancing everything out.

50. Vintage Furniture

Gray painted walls make a great background for showcasing vintage furniture in a living room. The gray easily blends with other colors without taking over the room, allowing other pieces of furniture and décor to draw attention.

51. Bold Colors

If you love bold colors, do not be afraid to use them as the main color in a living room. The key to it is to choose a contrasting color. For a blue painted room with blue furniture, white floors and a white fireplace are an amazing way to design a flow between the two

52. Antiquity

A different take of a traditional living room would be decorating it with antique pieces of furniture, making it look like a warm place from the past with vintage vibes while keeping it classical.

53. Neutral Colors

Industrial pieces combined with neutral wood suits well with a white living room. The wooden pieces bring everything in the room together while making it cozy.

54. Pure White

White is one of the most preferred color schemes for a modern living room. While it fits perfectly with simple and clean understanding of the modern style, adding one statement object that has a different color and style would complement the modern air.

55. Furniture

Polished and painted furniture in dark brown, especially in a living room that is dominated by light and neutral colors, give it a luxurious and classy look.

56. Details as Advantage

The pipes in an industrial living room can be painted black for a clean yet grungy look. The grays in the living area design a comfortable atmosphere while the whites in the dining set bring all the light for enjoyable meals.

57. Patterns and Colors

Using many different patterns and shades of blue in a blue living room would not clutter the space as you may imagine but make it look aesthetically pleasing when they are spread around the room and complemented with contrasting colors.

58. Centralized Media and Relaxing Center

In this living room, the walls are painted light gray to design a subtle background and this way white color used against the gray looks even more clean and bright. By putting the tv over the fireplace and the sofa right in front of it, a center for both entertaining and relaxing is designed all in the same area.

59. Focal Point

Even though you may want to showcase all of the interesting, vintage or sentimental items you have, choose a few items to avoid confusion and choose one item that stands out from the rest like a vintage red bike to design a focal point.

60. Modern Coastal

In a more modern coastal setting, using lots of white around the place with big windows would allow the sunlight to shine in and reflect, making the room brighter. Using natural materials such as copper, wood or concrete would add to the naturality of the coastal style.

61. Colors

Colors can be incorporated into the minimalist style. Using soft colors on a white base while keeping the furniture clean and simple adds character to the room.

62. Large Living Rooms

In a large contemporary living room, using contrasting colors to add depth and décor items such as tall floor lamps to fill the vertical gap would help to design a collected space that does not look as large.

63. Different Styles

In a rustic living room with rustic furniture, contemporary seating set can actually be used. While one sofa is leather, the other can be fabric, while one wood is unpainted, the other can be painted white. Mix things as you go along until you reach the satisfying result.

64. Small but Open

The simplistic character of the modern style is a great choice for small spaces. The white and pale shades of grey open up the room while the clear lines and clutter-free environment with only a few functional furniture make the room feel spacious.

65. Large Living Room

If your large living room also has high ceilings, low furniture can get lost in the huge space. Try to choose stately and tall furniture and big chandeliers to balance everything and fill the room.

66. Asymmetrical

In a living room with lots of vertical and horizontal, symmetrical lines, you can arrange the picture frames in an asymmetrical way to counter-balance everything.

67. Big Plant

In a minimalist living room, the motto is less is more. Choose one big, stately plant with lots of leaves to fill the space without cluttering it.

68. Contemporary

A gray sectional put in front of a fireplace can immediately add to the cozy and comfortable atmosphere of a contemporary living room. Additional shades of gray spread around the place add depth to the room while the different types of wood would echo the same effect.

69. Pink Room

You can turn a little-girl’s-room concept into a living room by combining different shades of pink and enhancing the princess vibes by choosing a vintage, soft pink sofa to make a focal point in the room.

70. Modern Blue

Modern style does not necessarily mean all white and black. A blue living room can be modern as well. Achieving a chic look is not difficult with dark blue and steel as the accent. Consider painting a wall different shade of blue to contrast the overall look.

71. Bookshelves as Backdrop

Bookshelves can turn into the focal point of a room when used correctly. A black bookshelf with horizontal and vertical, clean lines would immensely enhance the contemporary vibes of a living room by becoming the backdrop.

72. Depth and Character

Modern decoration works perfectly with open floor plans. High ceilings and big windows build a spacious base while the combination of vertical and horizontal lines in decoration adds depth and character to the room.

73. White Wall

Wall decors are a great way to add a character to the room. White walls are also used to showcase the art pieces, making them the focus of the room.

74. Soft Pillows

Lots of soft pillows in different colors and sizes put on the sofa looks incredibly comfortable to either sit down or take a nap. In any case, it will make you feel like you are up in the clouds.

75. Industrial Ceilings

In the industrial style, it is appreciated to leave the ceiling as it is. The beams, the pipes running across the ceiling are all considered to be complementary to this style. Instead of trying to cover them, display them proudly!

76. Minimal and Eclectic

A minimalist living room can also be eclectic. Not every item of decoration has to match each other in terms of style. Metals mixed with woods, neutrals mixed with warm and cool colors can end up looking amazing and unique at the same time.

77. Black Walls

Black painted walls do not make a room look smaller contrary to the popular view. Using natural wood and light colors along with fun patters around the space help lighten up the room while the black molded walls become the perfect background for displaying your furniture.

78. Scandinavian Gray

The white walls and the wooden floors make up the base of Scandinavian style. Gray sofa and an armchair with wooden details warm up the cool tones of the space while continuing the monochrome look.

79. Clear Lines

Clear lines of the modern style as well as the reflective metals help open and brighten up the space, making it look clean and simple.

80. Big Patterns

If you have a piece of décor that has big patterns, make it the focal point of the room and keep everything else neutral and simple such as this black and white patterned rug in the middle of a grey and white living room.

81. Gray Base

Gray base is an amazing way to display the eye-catching pieces of furniture and accents in an eclectic living room. Woods, metals, different colors can all have their moment to shine when the base is calm.

82. Earthy Tones

In a living room mostly decorated with earthy, neutral tones such as brown, a completely colorful rug that complements the overall style can be a statement object and bring life to the room.

83. Metal Frames

Industrial style is often associated with open spaces. Large windows with metal frames would not only brighten up the space but also complement the industrial decoration inside.

84. Vibrant Color

Transform a somewhat rustic attic into a vibrant and fun little retreat center by using purple as the accent color on pillows and curtains against the pure white, making it look cozy and comfortable.

85. Pink Accents

Pink is a great accent color for grey base. Instead of pink, you can choose your primary color to be grey and use soft pink in your decoration. A painting that incorporates different hues of each color would blend everything together.

86. Apartment Living

Minimalist style is a go to if you are living in an apartment. Choosing a few basic furniture with specific functions and clearing the surfaces of clutter can make your space look much bigger than it actually is along with the light color scheme.

87. Soft Pink Dreamy Walls

Soft pink walls become a harmonious background for white furniture and the big white piano placed in the middle. Drapes chosen for the big windows drastically change the atmosphere and make this living room a lot more elegant and fancier.

88. Plants

Instead of using decor objects, you can opt for plants in all shapes and sizes to style your room while making your décor also functional.

89. Comfortable Ambiance

The curves of the contemporary style help to design a soft-looking, comfortable ambiance along with warm colors binding them together.

90. Tiles with Designs

Fireplaces that has tiles with designs on them can become an artwork themselves to bring life to a room.

91. Clocks

Whether it is modern, industrial or classic, a big clock on the wall may be enough to change the ambiance of a living room without much effort.

92. All Brown

Warm brown walls, brown hardwood floors, a soft brown sofa can be put together in a living room. A white media center and a white rug disrupts the all brown look, while becoming the focal point of the room and balancing everything out.

93. Curtains Have Accents Too

Even though it is not frequently used, curtains with lots of colors and patterns can be combined with plain curtains to balance it out, making it look interesting yet collected.

94. Dark Hardwood Floors Contrasting the White Walls

Dark hardwood floors enrich this living room both by quality and by the contrast it makes with the white walls and ceiling. The big windows add to the brightness of the room while the accents bring character to it.

95. Grey Minimalist

A minimalist living room is easily done with monochrome look. A light gray sectional put in front of tall, dark curtains contrast the dominant white color in the space, adding depth and character.

96. Soft Colors

Soft colors used alongside neutral colors that make up the base of a living room, help to bring life to it while soft fabrics and airy, show-through curtains help to make it look fresh and inviting.

97. Layering

Lots of patterns, colors and textures layered on top of each other, bring everything together in a big room with high ceilings and decorated in dark colors. Wood, brick and metal are layered to design a flow from top to bottom while the rugs are layered on the ground to fill the empty space and separate the living area.

98. Accent Blue

Using blue as the accent color in a white room with classic-looking sofas and furniture would complete the rich look without the heavy feeling of the classic style.

99. White Background Bold Colors

White is the perfect background color to use when decorating a living room especially if bold colors will be used. A bright blue sofa as the signature object in a completely white living room would bring character to it.

100. Masculine and Modern

Monochrome look would not only make a white living room more appealing but also more masculine while keeping it cozy with large windows bringing the sunlight in.

101. Vintage Blues and Pinks

Vintage living rooms are known with their neutral color schemes however, you can always use one or two central objects that are colorful to design a contrast, and balance the washed out look of the naturals with the soft and cozy colors.

102. Studio Apartment

In a studio apartment, you can use brick walls to separate one area from the other and use metal bookcases to put invisible walls around the place in an industrial style living room.

103. Coziness

Normally a scandinavian living room would be without rugs and extra fuss around the windows, however, to make the place cozier, adding curtains matching the wall color and a complementary rug works like a charm.